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  • Nursing Intent Academic Overview

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    Nursing Intent Pre-Requisites 

  • General Education Requirements

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    Tip: Once you are on your audit screen ALWAYS click "request new audit" in the top right corner. The default is to show you the last audit ran (date is in the top left corner), which might be months or years old! Keep in mind that if you are an "Intent" major (nursing intent, for example), your audit will show as "No Degree". That is okay, as you can't graduate as an "intent" major, and will still show you the correct gen ed requirements! If you get a red access denied error, log out and log back in. Occasionally, the audit system will give students an "access denied" error. This is usually because they are logged into multiple gmail accounts. Log out of all gmail accounts, and try again logged in only to your my.emich account.

    * Note that Nursing students do not have to complete General Education in order to apply to Nursing School, but they are required to be completed to graduate with your BSN. Advising strongly encourages all nursing intent students to complete as many gen eds as possible prior to starting nursing school.

  • ATI TEAS Exam

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    Students must complete the ATI TEAS exam prior to filling out the Nursing application in May. Scores are valid for the EMU Nursing Application for 2 years.

    We recommend that students take the TEAS exam early and not wait until April or May. Late Fall or Early Winter semester before applying in May is a great time to take the exam!

    Students are not required to take the exam at EMU- it can be taken at any University, at an approved ATI testing location, or online proctored (subject to availability). Students will simply add a one page pdf overview of their scores to the nursing application, which is provided by ATI within 72 hours of completing the exam.

    The ATI TEAS Exam is worth a total of 20 points on the application, 5 points per category. You are not required to "pass" all 4 categories. Scores or not prorated, you either get 5 points or 0 points. "Passing" scores for all 5 points are as follows: 

    • Reading     69% or better
    • Math           63% or better
    • Science      46% or better
    • English        60% or better

    Students can take the ATI TEAS exam twice in a 365 day period. Students cannot use a "super score" and combine two exams. They must use their best overall exam on the Nursing application.

    Testing Availability: The EMU Testing Center typically books dates two months in advance through late April. Please check the ATI TEAS website frequently for updates. If you are concened about on-campus testing availablity, please reach out to them via email. As stated above, you can take the exam however you want: online proctored, in-person, on another campus, etc.

    Study Guides: We do not recommend a specific study guide for the ATI TEAS. In fact, some students don't even use one. ATI offers vaious study guides for the TEAS on their website, and a number of used study guides can be found on Amazon.

  • Applying to Nursing School

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    The EMU Nursing Application is fully online and is typically available by March of each year and must completed by 5pm on May 15th. It is NOT first-come first-served. Also, keep in mind that it cannot be filled out until you have completed the ATI TEAS exam AND your final grades for ALL pre-reqs are on your official transcript. The application is very simple and should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

    EMU Admits 80 students into the traditional nursing program, 32 students into the second bachelor accelerated nursing program, and approximately 32 students (depending on availability) into the HFC/WCC & EMU Collaborative programs each year. Students are admitted based on their total application score of out 485 points. There are no interviews, essays, etc.

  • Transfer Equivalencies

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    If you are a prospective student or a current student that wants to see if classes will transfer from a community college or university, please review EMU's transfer equivalency database for more information. If a school you want to attend is not listed on this website, you can email Records & Registration for a course review.

  • Academic Plans

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    While it is possible to graduate from the Nursing program in 4 years, most students take 4.5 years. We recognize that each student's academic plan will be different based on a variety of factors, such as: their high school experience, comfort with math and science courses, duel or transfer credit, AP scores, SAT/ACT scores, work commitments, family commitments, etc.

    Below is a common example (one of many) of a student's academic plan. CHHS Advisors assist students during their first semester at EMU with creating their personalized plan.

    • First Year Fall: WRTG 121, MATH 110, NURS 110, SOC 105 or ANTH 135, Gen Ed
    • First Year Winter: CHEM 117 & 118, COMM 124, PSY 101 & 103, Gen Ed
    • Second Year Fall: CHEM 120, NURS 261 or EDPS 225, Gen Ed, Gen Ed
    • Second Year Winter: EXSC 201 & 202, Gen Ed, Gen Ed, Gen Ed

    *Take the TEAS exam during your second year, and apply for Nursing by May 15 after second year. If a student has remaining Gen Eds, they can be completed while in Nursing School.

    • Third Year: Nursing Level 2 + DTC 203 & BIOL 328
    • Fourth Year: Nursing Level 3
    • Fifth Year, Fall: Nursing Level 4- most Nursing students Graduate in December!
  • Assistance with classes

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  • Financial Aid, Scholarships & Tuition

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    The academic advising office does not have access to student financial information. Students can find contact information, a tuition calculator, scholarship information, and much more on the Financial Aid Website!

  • How to Register

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    Please watch the Registration Instructional Video if you need a refresher on how to sign up for classes!


    CHEM 117 & 118 Registration Errors

    For CHEM 117 (lecture), you register CHEM 118 (lab) concurrently with the lecture. So, you must register for them both simultaneously (ie; at the same time). To do this, write down the CRN's of the open 117 and open 118 that you want. Then, enter them in the first two boxes at the bottom of the add/drop classes screen, then click submit changes. 

    CHEM 120 Registration Error

    CHEM 120 has a lecture and lab. When you are at the section selection screen you will notice some of the sections are 4 cr hrs and some are 0 cr hrs. The 4 cr hrs are the lectures and the 0 cr hrs are the lab. Pick one of each (4&0) and click register!

  • Academic Advising (Traditional)

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    The CHHS Advising Center meets with admitted/enrolled first bachelor students.

    If you are a perspective student that has not been admitted to EMU, please contact the Office of Admissions if you have questions.

    Find My Advisor 

  • Academic Advising (Second Bachelor / Accelerated)

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    If you are a newly admitted Second Bachelor, Nursing Intent student, please do not schedule an appointment with an advisor yet.

    Please email [email protected] with the following information:

    • Your full name
    • Your EID number
    • The major you have been admitted for 
    • When and where you received your previous Bachelor's degree
    • We will respond to your email within 5-7 business days and provide you with a program of study, detailed next steps, major specific information, registration instructions, and information for future advising.