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Marshall Building

The Marshall Building houses teaching and research lab space for the Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Clinical Lab Sciences programs. It has state-of-the-art classroom technology, and a staffed computer lab for students.

Health Assessment Laboratory

The School of Nursing provides a dedicated health assessment lab with eight examination stations and one private examination room. Equipment to provide a comprehensive physical examination is available, as well as audiovisual materials for student use.

Clinical Skills Laboratory

The School of Nursing provides a dedicated teaching laboratory for instruction in basic and advanced nursing skills. The skills lab has a simulated headwall, electric beds, a Physio-control EKG monitor, pulse oximetry equipment and more. It is equipped with eight patient rooms in an open ward area for simulated practice.

Clinical Laboratory

The student laboratory for the Clinical Lab Science program is dedicated teaching space for laboratories in hematology, clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, immunology, molecular diagnostics, parasitology, immunohematology, and mycology. It is well equipped with microscopes for each student, as well as Vitros 250 chemistry analyzer, gel aparati, gel document cams, thermal cyclers, plate readers, Pointe 180 Analyzers, DCA 200s, a Co Oximeter, a Sysmex CA 500, BB gel technology and an electrolyte analyzer.

Occupation and Activity Analysis Lab

This classroom lab is equipped with a small kitchen for use during task analysis of skills used in food preparation, cooking and clean up as part of independent living. It serves a dual purpose for demonstration of tool use in woodworking, leather crafts, tile work, ceramics, and other activities as appropriate to the needs and interests of clients receiving occupational therapy services in hospital, home and community settings.

Motor Learning and Movement Assessment Classroom

This classroom lab is equipped with height adjustable mat tables for testing range of motion, manual muscle testing, postural stability and dynamic movement. Removable mats allow the tables to be used for other instructional and demonstrative purposes.

Home Lab

Occupational therapy and nursing faculty and students use this space for instruction related to health care delivery in a home environment. It is equipped with table, chairs, sofa, beds and appliances that allow students to learn wheelchair transfers, standby assistance techniques, and the use of assistive devices for daily living activities.


All classrooms in the Marshall Building have been outfitted with technological upgrades that include a large screen video display, built-in sound systems, Blu-ray/DVD player, document camera and touch screen controls.

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