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The Master of Science in Human Nutrition (MSHN) provides an in-depth study of nutrition based on sound and current scientific evidence. Eastern Michigan University has offered a Master of Science degree in Nutrition since 1973 and the degree has been offered in an online format since 2006. This degree does not lead to the Registered Dietitian Nutrition (RDN) credential. Our Master of Science in Dietetics (Coordinated Program) is recommended instead for those seeking the RDN credential. RDN's with a bachelor's degree find our Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition a convenient choice to further their education and competitive edge.

The Master of Science in Human Nutrition is a distance education program delivered online through Canvas learning management system. Ranked 15th as part of the top 30 accredited schools listed on The Best Master's Degrees - 30 Most Affordable Master’s in Nutrition Online Degree Programs 2020.

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Career Opportunities

The Master of Science in Human Nutrition degree can enhance your current degree and provide opportunities in health care, business, education and the field of human performance. If you are a registered dietitian nutritionist, this degree allows you to obtain Continuing Professional Education toward maintaining your credential.

If you are not a registered dietitian nutritionist and plan to counsel individuals or groups regarding dietary intake, the Master of Science in Human Nutrition is not recommended due to licensure laws (vary by state) requiring the RDN credential to perform these duties.

 Program Goals

Our Mission

The Masters of Science in Human Nutrition at Eastern Michigan University attracts, recruits, retains and graduates students who are interested in advancing their nutrition knowledge and their careers. The M.S. in Human Nutrition program achieves the mission through:

  • supplying an exceptional distance learning environment.
  • providing student-centered learning opportunities.
  • promoting evidence-based knowledge and skills.
  • enhancing students’ critical thinking skills by collaborating with faculty to develop and complete research projects and manuscripts.

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  • Alice Jo Rainville, Ph.D., RD, CHE, SNS, FAND
    Professor, graduate coordinator
    335 Marshall Building | [email protected]

At a Glance

  • EMU's human nutrition program is nationally ranked.
  • EMU is the first university in Michigan to be endorsed as an age-friendly university.


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