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Athletic Training Program

The Eastern Michigan University Athletic Training Program is committed to distinguishing itself as a comprehensive allied health program; a program rooted in a strong scientific foundation and designed to foster critical thinking relative to injury prevention, management, and rehabilitation. 

The didactic component of the program is designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary to serve as an effective member of the allied health community.  Additionally, the didactic aspect emphasizes competence in areas of effective verbal and written communication.  

Clinically, the goal of the program is to provide an atmosphere where students are able to continue their learning in a practical-based environment. This environment will afford the student the opportunity to engage in directed practice and skill applications, allowing for further assimilation of material acquired in the didactic component of the program. 

Ultimately, the program works to develop ethically, morally, and intellectually competent allied health professionals who have an understanding of their professional roles in the promotion and continued learning associated within the athletic training profession.

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Athletic Training Program

Jodi Schumacher, Program Coordinator

318J Porter Building
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

The Athletic Training Program is part of the School of Health Promotion & Human Performance, 318 Porter Building, 734.487.0090