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Kathleen Mullen Conley, PhD

Undergraduate Program Coordinator; Professor

Kathleen Conley 318V Porter Building


PhD, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
MS, Ball State University
BS in Ed, Central Michigan University

Professional Summary

Dr. Conley has served as a member of the health education faculty at EMU since 1999. Dr. Conley’s research interests include health education interventions for stroke prevention, the use of technology in health education practice, and the professional preparation of health educators. During her tenure at EMU, Dr. Conley has served as the national president of Eta Sigma Gamma, the professional health education honor society (2003-2005), and as the Coordinator of the Coalition of National Health Education Organizations (CNHEO) (2006 – 2009). Dr. Conley has received several awards recognizing her service to Eta Sigma Gamma, including the Loren B. Bensley Eta Sigma Gamma Honor Award (2003) from Central Michigan University’s Eta Chapter, the national Eta Sigma Gamma Warren E. Schaller Presidential Citation (2007), and the national Eta Sigma Gamma Distinguished Service Award (2008).

Courses Taught

HLED 305 Current Health Issues I
HLED 555 Current Health Issues and Trends
HLED 695 Health Education Seminar

Selected Presentations and/or Publications

Brown, D.L., Conley, K.M., Resnicow, K., Murphy, J., Sánchez, B.N., Cowdery, J.E., Sais E, Lisabeth LD, Skolarus, L.E., Zahuranec, D.B., Williams, G.C., Morgenstern, L.B. (2012). Stroke Health and Risk Education (SHARE): Design, methods, and theoretical basis. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 33(4): 721-9.

Conley, K. M., Majersik, J., Gonzales, N. R., Maddox, K. E., Pary, J. K., Brown, D. L., Moyé, L. A. Espinosa, N., Grotta, J. C. & Morgenstern, L. B. (2010). Kids Identifying and Defeating Stroke (KIDS): Development and implementation of a multi-ethnic health education intervention to increase stroke awareness among middle school students and their parents. Health Promotion Practice, 11(1): 95-103.

Gambescia, S.F., Cottrell, R.R., Capwell, E., Auld, M.E., Conley, K.M., Lysoby, L., Goldsmith, M. & Smith, B. (2009). Marketing health educators to employers: Survey findings, interpretations, and considerations for the profession. Health Promotion Practice, 10 (4): 495-504.

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Additional Information

The Health Education Program is part of the School of Health Promotion & Human Performance, 318 Porter Building, 734.487.0090