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Admissions Requirements

We strive to provide clear, straightforward, and attainable minimum admission requirements for prospective applicants. These minimum requirements are intended to serve as the guide for those interested in applying to the EMU PA Program. New PA students enter the program annually in May (summer semester).

To apply to start the EMU PA Program in May 2020, the application cycle opens April 26, 2019 and closes on September 1, 2019. For an application to be considered, the program requires a completed CASPA application and an EMU Graduate Application by our deadline (see Admissions Process for details). 

The following are the minimum requirements for an application to be reviewed and evaluated by the EMU PA Program Admission Committee. All of the admissions requirements must be met in order for an applicant to have a chance at being admitted. Simply meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee progression to the interview stage of the admissions process.

Bachelor Degree

A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college/university or appropriate international institution (as evaluated by one of the four approved evaluation services) must be completed prior to matriculation. Candidates may apply while their degree is in progress, but degree completion demonstrated by transcript evaluation is necessary prior to matriculation into the PA Program. The PA Program begins on May 4, 2020.

Grade Point Average

A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4 point scale is required at the time of application. GPAs are calculated by CASPA. A cumulative undergraduate GPA includes all college courses taken prior to and after receiving a bachelor degree (such as pre-admission courses). It is the expectation that the average successful applicant has a GPA much higher than 3.0. Although graduate work will be considered in the evaluation of a prospective student's application, GPA for admission will be based solely on undergraduate coursework.

Pre-Admission Courses

At least 5 of the following 7 pre-admission courses must be completed at the time of application. All of the following pre-admission courses must be completed and fulfill all associated requirements prior to matriculation into the EMU PA Program. Visit Pre-Admissions Courses for more detailed information, including course descriptions and deadlines for completion.

  1. Human Anatomy
  2. Human Physiology
  3. General Chemistry with Lab
  4. Organic Chemistry with Lab or Biochemistry with Lab
  5. Microbiology with Lab
  6. Developmental/Lifespan Psychology
  7. Statistics

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) Scores

The GRE revised General Test or GRE General Test is required and plays a significant role in applicant evaluation. CASPA must receive your official scores prior to September 1 in order for your application to be complete. The EMU PA Program's CASPA GRE Code is 3646. Please note that this code differs from the code used for other EMU programs.

There is no minimum GRE score necessary for admission. The Educational Testing Service will only send official score reports from the most recent five years. For GRE tests taken more than five years ago, copies of official score reports may be accepted by the EMU PA Program. Please contact the PA Program for more information.

Letters of Reference

Two reference letters are required, while more can also be submitted via CASPA. There is no specific requirement regarding the credentials or background of the individuals who supply the letters of reference. We recommend applicants obtain references from individuals who are qualified to evaluate their intellectual abilities, interpersonal skills and ability to meet the demands of an academically rigorous physician assistant student curriculum. Examples of those who commonly supply letters of reference include health care professionals (physicians, PAs, nurses, etc.), employment supervisors, science instructors or other college professors, or anyone qualified to evaluate the applicant's potential for success as a graduate-level student and future physician assistant.

All letters of reference must be submitted through CASPA, in accordance with CASPA guidelines. CASPA will process an applicant's application and deem it "complete" as long as at least two references and all other requirements are completed.

Clinical Experience / Health Care Hours

Clinical Experience / Health Care Hours is preferred but not required for applicants. Preference will be given to candidates with direct patient care experiences, particularly those working as nurses or corpsman with higher levels of patient interaction and medical decision-making. Preference will also be given to candidates who have completed greater numbers of hours of experience. Clinical Experience / Health Care Hours can occur in a volunteer or paid position in a wide range of health care settings. Visit Clinical Experience / Health Care Hours for more information. Clinical hours logged must be completed prior to application. Clinical Experience / Health Care Hours obtained after submitting the CASPA application may not be used. Clinical Experience / Health Care Hours obtained outside of the United States health care system will not be considered. 

Coursework Outside the United States

Applicants to the EMU PA Program that have studied abroad and have greater than fifteen college/university credits at non-U.S institutions must submit an evaluation of all non-U.S. post-secondary education using one of the four approved evaluation services outlined on the International Graduate Admissions webpage. A course-by-course report is required and must be received by CASPA and EMU by the application deadline, September 1. This evaluation will provide a U.S.-equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA) and be used in conjunction with coursework completed within the US to determine the applicant's GPA and eligibility for PA Program admission. 

International Applicants

 An international applicant is defined as a student who is either not a United States citizen or a student who has educational degrees obtained outside the United States. All applicants with non-U.S. post secondary credentials must submit an evaluation of their international transcripts to EMU using one of the four approved evaluation services outlined on the International Graduate Admissions webpage. A course-by-course report is required and must be received by CASPA and EMU by the application deadline, September 1. The evaluation will be used to determine eligibility for admission to EMU if the non-U.S. institution is recognized and a U.S.-equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA) is provided. A four-year bachelor's degree from a Ministry of Education recognized or accredited institution is the minimum degree requirement for admission. 

International applicants are expected to understand and meet all other eligibility requirements for admission to the EMU PA Program and the Graduate School. For more information about the Graduate School requirements, please visit the International Graduate Admissions webpage. The EMU PA Program has specific requirements that differ from the Graduate School. Be sure to read and understand all requirements. Applicants should refer to the PA Program's Admissions Process webpage for specific application procedures for the program. If you have questions or need clarification, contact the EMU PA Program for more information. For questions about residency/visa or financial requirements, contact EMU International Admissions at international.admissions@emich.edu.  

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Applicants whose native language is not English are required to take the TOEFL iBT examination. For the PA Program, the primary language used during high school attendance is considered the native language. No other form of the TOEFL or other tests will be accepted. A minimum score of 95 on the TOEFL iBT is required for consideration for admission into the EMU PA Program. Please note that this is a program-specific minimum requirement and simply meeting the University requirement does not fulfill the PA program requirement. Applicants must self report their TOEFL scores on the CASPA application and have an official score report sent to EMU TOEFL school code 1201 by September 1.

Technical Standards

All applicants must be aware of and are subject to the EMU PA Program required Technical Standards. Review the Technical Standards pdf for detailed information.

Rules and Regulations

In addition to the above requirements, all EMU PA Program students must agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the program. These can be found in the EMU PA Program Student Handbook.

Final Application Submission

Please note that the PA Program will not accept any revisions once your application has been submitted to CASPA (i.e., updated GPA, clinical hours, GRE scores, etc.)

The only exception to this is if you have one or two planned or in-progress pre-admission courses that are specifically designated as such on your CASPA application. We will accept updated grades for these courses up until the deadline of January 1 of the year you are applying for entry into the program. GPAs will not be recalculated based on course grades from courses completed after application submission.

Clinical hours logged must be completed prior to application. Clinical Experience / Health Care Hours obtained after submitting the CASPA application may not be used.

Once the EMU Graduate application is received and the CASPA application is verified with an official GRE score report attached, the application is screened and scored. Updated GRE score reports are not considered after that time.


Still have questions about applying to the PA Program?

To find answers to specific questions about the PA Program admissions requirements, email chhs_paprogram@emich.edu or call 734.487.2843. Please note, the EMU PA Program does not setup individual advising/counseling sessions with prospective applicants. Current EMU students may book an advising appointment with Linda Jerome by calling 734.487.0918. To learn more about the PA Program, meet current students and tour the facilities, you are invited to attend one of the PA Program Information Sessions.

The Physician Assistant Program is part of the School of Health Promotion & Human Performance, 318 Porter Building, 734.487.0090