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Do I have to send my transcripts to EMU in addition to CASPA?

Official transcripts for all colleges/universities must be sent to EMU only in the event that an interview invitation is extended to an applicant. Your EMU Graduate Application will be marked incomplete in the meantime and that's okay for the purpose of the PA program.

Do I have to request a calculation of my last 60 credit hour GPA or is it done automatically?

This is done automatically by CASPA.

Do you offer rolling admissions?

Each application received that meets the program requirements is considered for admission.

Can you look over my transcripts to determine which pre-admission courses I've satisfied?

This is your responsibility as an applicant. Please refer to the extensive list of accepted pre-admission courses on our website. If you have questions about a specific course, email the program with the course specifications (see below) to see if it meets our criteria.

I've taken a course that doesn't appear in the pre-admission course checklists on the website. How can I determine whether or not it will be accepted?

Send the following information to chhs_paprogram@emich.edu:

  • College or university name
  • Course number and title
  • Course credit hours (must designate: summer hour, quarter hour, etc.)
  • Date completed or anticipated completion date
  • Grade on transcript (if completed)
  • Active weblink to the specific course in the course catalog
  • Copy of the course syllabus

Can I make an appointment with an admissions advisor?

The EMU PA program does not setup individual advising/counseling appointments; however, you are welcome to email us with specific questions. We also have information sessions once a semester that provide both an overview of the program as well as a chance to ask specific questions.

What's a "complete" CASPA application? When is the deadline date?

Per CASPA, "Applicants must have a complete date on or before the deadline date. A complete date is given when an application is e-submitted and all transcripts, payments, and at least two letters of reference have been received by CASPA and attached to the application. Documents should be sent several weeks prior to this date to ensure items arrive on time." The deadline date for both the completed CASPA and EMU Graduate applications is September 1, 2018. This is a firm deadline with no exceptions.

How are applications scored?

Applications are objectively ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Cumulative undergraduate or last 60 semester credit hour GPA
  • Science GPA
  • Number of science courses
  • GRE score
  • Graduate degree (additional points are awarded for having a master's degree or PhD)
  • Clinical experience / health care hours
  • Life experiences
  • Research experience

Who receives an interview?

Interviews are awarded to the top 100 ranked applicants.

What are the GRE score requirements?

The EMU PA Program uses a multiplier with your total GRE score, so the higher your total GRE score, the more points your application will receive.

Do I need a GRE score before submitting my CASPA application?

You must self-report your GRE score on your CASPA application and have official scores sent to the EMU PA Program. The EMU PA Program's GRE Institution Code is 3646.

I have a master's/doctorate degree. Do I have to take the GRE?

Each applicant must take the GRE within 5 years of applying. No other standardized test score will be accepted (e.g. MCAT). The EMU PA Program will occasionally make exceptions, based on special circumstances, for GRE tests taken more than five years ago. Please contact the program to see if you qualify.

I applied previously and wasn't accepted into the program. How can I improve my chances of being accepted in a future application cycle?

The best ways to strengthen an application are to take more science courses, earn a higher score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and increase the overall undergraduate GPA by taking additional courses.

Will international applications evaluated by World Education Services (WES) be accepted?

EMU only accepts international applications evaluated by Educational Perspectives (EP).

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