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Susan Starr, MS

Part-Time Lecturer

204B Rackham Building


Susan A. Starr rejoined Eastern Michigan University in May 2014 to teach Anatomy content in the Physician Assistant Program, having previously taught at EMU in the Biology Department. She has BS degrees from Michigan State University (Animal Husbandry) and Eastern Michigan University (Biology/Chemistry) along with an MS from EMU (Post-secondary Biology Teaching). 

Mrs. Starr has spent the majority of her nearly 30 year teaching career teaching Anatomy and Physiology, primarily at the undergraduate level. In her career, she has also taught an amazing variety of other undergraduate Biology classes, from Botany to Economic Zoology. Susan studied the writing and use of case studies in science education through the University of Buffalo (Buffalo, NY). She has also had extensive experience working in advanced anatomy courses at The University of Michigan (Dental School, Medical School and Nurse Anesthetist program) and Eastern Michigan University (Occupational Therapy, Sports Medicine, and now PA Anatomy). Susan worked as an anatomist for the Visible Human Project at The University of Michigan, helping to create anatomy software making virtual dissection, virtual surgery, and battlefield medic assistance possible. Susan previously worked at The University of Michigan in both the Plastination Lab and the Global Anatomy Project Plastination Lab. There are examples of her dissection work being used in Medical Schools across the United States and overseas (Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Santa Lucia, and other countries). Susan was also integral in bringing cadaver studies to the Anatomy program at Washtenaw Community College where she conceived of, wrote, and taught a series of popular Anatomy review courses for certified medical professionals (RNs, OTs, PTs, MTs, etc.).

Research Interests

Anatomic variation and the impact of variation on function
Anatomic variation of the upper limb (muscles) and hand (blood vessels and nerves)

Honors and Awards

Susan Starr has a particular interest in educating the public about anatomy in non-traditional venues. She has served as a consultant to Premier Exhibitions during the development of their “Bodies: The Exhibition” and “Bodies Revealed” exhibits that are exposing the public to anatomy and has been a speaker at Nerd Nite in Ann Arbor. Susan is one of only two members of the Michigan Community College Biologist organization to be awarded "Emeritus" status in the organization’s history, after serving as a Board member and being a highly requested speaker at conferences for over 20 years.
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