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Majors/Minors Academic Standards

Physical Education Majors

Standard I:

The following core physical education courses shall be completed with a minimum GPA of 2.75 (no single grade lower than a C), prior to admission into the College of Education and in addition to requirements currently in place.

  • PHED 100 History and Foundation of Physical Education (2 hrs)
  • PHED 200 Anatomy and Physiology (5 hrs)
  • PHED 204 Kinesiology (Biomechanics of Physical Activity) (3 hrs)
  • PHED 260 Motor Development (2 hrs)

Standard II:

Additional GPA requirements prior to being admitted to the student teaching experience.

  1. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 needed in the following core courses with no single grade lower than a C. The College of Education's overall GPA requirements remain in effect.
    • PHED 204 Kinesiology (Biomechanics of Physical Activity) (3 hrs)
    • PHED 300 Physiology of Exercise (4 hrs)
    • PHED 330 Adapted Physical Education (3 hrs)
    • PHED 360 Motor Learning (3 hrs)
  2. Minimum grade of B in the following Methods of Teaching courses.
    • PHED 215 Methods of Teaching Individual Sports (3 hrs)
    • PHED 217 Methods of Teaching Team Sports (3 hrs)
    • PHED 219 Methods of Teaching Rhythmic Activity and Fundamental Movement (3hrs)
    • PHED 315 Methods of Teaching Conditioning Activities (2 hrs)
    • PHED 317 Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education (2hrs)

Physical Education Minor/ Physical Education for Special Education Minor

Standard III:

The following GPA requirements and minimum grade standard are required for the completion of the physical education minor and the physical education minor for special education majors.

  1. Overall cumulative 2.5 GPA as required by the College of Education
  2. No single grade lower than C in any required class and GPA of 2.75 inĀ  minor courses.
The Physical Education Program is part of the School of Health Promotion & Human Performance, 318 Porter Building, 734.487.0090