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The Office of Nutrition Services is staffed by Junior and Senior dietetic students who are all committed to providing EMU and the surrounding community with the most reliable nutrition information.  Take a few moments to meet our staff and read about them below!

Program Directors: Sandra Pernecky, MS, RD and Olivia Ford, PhD, RD

Graduate Assistant: Camilla Meade, RD


Winter 2017 Staff



Olga Cheinu-Marshall (M/W)

      "My areas of interest are community nutrition including the WIC program, clinical nutrition, pregnancy and infant nutrition, and using for healing. My favorite past-times are cooking and baking, but I also spending time at the beach."

 Jessica Coburn (M/W)

      "Hi, my name is Jessica and I am from Arizona. My areas of interest include weight loss/management, bariatric care, and eating disorders. When I take time for myself, I sew something fun."

Alexandra DeBorde (M/W)

      "My name is Alex DeBorde and I am interested in pretty much all areas of nutrition. I haven't been able to quite narrow it down yet, but I'm interesting in working with children and pregnant women, diabetes, and weight loss. I love cooking, exercising, and playing with my baby!"

Carmen Dreim (M/W)

      "Hi, my name is Carmen. I love food that is part of the reason why I decided to become a registered dietitian. I am interested in the role nutrition plays in our health, especially the role it plays in weight management and sports performance. I enjoy hitting the gym to relax as well as listening to music from my awesome playlist."

Adrienne Dunlevy (M/W)

      "I am interested in weight loss and management of diseases/disorders by way of nutrition. Eventually, I would like to study nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics. My favorite self-care activity is riding my bike- the wind in my hair and sun on my face brings me much joy."

 Kathleen Fernandez (M/W)

      "Hello, my name is Kathleen Fernandez. My areas of interest in the field of Dietetics include cardiovascular care and weight loss. One of my favorite activities is preparing and trying out new healthy recipes."

Rachel Fowler (M/W)

      "I am primarily interested in sports nutrition and would LOVE to work with athletes. I also have an interest in clinical dietetics. My favorite self-care activities includes exercising and lifting weights."

Rachel Grit (T/Th)

      "I am a dietetics student at Eastern Michigan University. I love to cook healthy meals, lifting weights, and taking my Australian Shepherd puppy for hikes. I am passionate about functional medicine as well as diabetes education."

Amanie Jaber (T/Th)

      "I am interested in clinical and sport nutrition. The gym is a stress reliever for me where I can blow off steam."

Laura Johnson (T/Th)

      "My area of interest in the field of dietetics is mainly diabetes, but I am also interested in pregnancy and pediatric nutrition. My favorite healthy past-time is finding new recipes to make that substitute healthy ingredients for less healthy ingredients. For self-care, I love to spend time outside with my family."

Elizabeth McEvoy (T/Th)

      "I am a first year dietetics student at Eastern Michigan University, who hopes to work in a clinical setting in the future. As a hobby, I enjoy hiking, camping, running half marathons and cooking delicious yet good for you foods."  

Marlene Mead (T/Th)

Karley Peters (T/Th)

      "My name is Karley and I am interested in long term care and diabetes. My favorite healthy self-care activities are running with my dogs, lifting weights, and riding horses."

Hannah Przeslawski (T/Th)

      "Hi, I am Hannah Przeslawski, a first year 2nd Bachelors Dietetics student. I am really interested in community nutrition and eating disorders. My favorite thing to do is yoga!"

 Laura Schwartz (M/W)

      "I am a graduate student in EMU's Coordinated Program in Dietetics. I have an interest in pediatric and prenatal care, malnutrition, and community nutrition. My most beloved self-care activity is dancing. 

 Nicole Scwartz (M/W)

      "My name is Nicole Schwartz. My areas of interest in the field of dietetics include weight loss, sports nutrition, and counseling. In my free time I enjoy being outside, hiking with my dogs, or being at the lake."

Heather Zsoter (T/Th)

      "My name is Heather Zsoter, I'm 29, and I love food! My area of interest is centered on weight loss and overall making healthy lifestyle decisions. My favorite past time is playing with my dog and hitting the heavy bag at my boxing gym."

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