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Program Vision & Mission


We envision a future where:

· Occupational therapists develop partnerships with all members of the community.

· Occupational therapy services occur in homes, neighborhoods, communities, and institutions; the places where individuals live, work, and play.

· Practice is client-centered and embedded in theory and research.

· Occupation is central and celebrated for its complexity and depth.

Our students will:

  • Be leaders and innovators, responsive to the changing health care needs within our diverse society.
  • Use occupation as the central focus of their practice.
  • Become competent and ethical professionals who use theory and research to guide their clinical practice.
  • Develop the skills to serve consumers through the roles of clinician, collaborator, coach, educator, and advocate.
  • Value promotion of social justice through service to the community.

Mission - preamble

In support of the mission of Eastern Michigan University and the College of Health and Human Services, the mission of the Occupational Therapy Program in the School of Health Sciences is:


  • To prepare graduates who:

- Work effectively as occupational therapists in a variety of settings.

- Value occupation and strive to understand its complexity and depth.

- Demonstrate competent, ethical, entry-level practice based on theory and available evidence

- Are culturally competent change agents who represent a diverse spectrum of backgrounds, interests, and viewpoints.

- Are committed to and promote social and occupational justice.

- Are reflective practitioners committed to lifelong learning and client-centered practice.

  • The Occupational Therapy Program is designed to:

- Promote practice in non-traditional and community based settings

- Develop a community of learners that encompasses students, faculty, fieldwork educators, and clinicians

- Create a rich, interactive teaching-learning environment

- Contribute to the knowledge base of the profession.

- Promote social justice through service to the community.

The Occupational Therapy Program is part of the School of Health Sciences, 313 Everett L. Marshall Building, 734.487.4096