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How are placements assigned?

Placements will be arranged in collaboration with the fieldwork coordinator. The student will be involved in the selection of his/her placements to the greatest extent possible. The method used for placement selection will vary, depending on the availability of spaces and number of students being assigned to fieldwork. The student is expected to honor the assignment to which he/she has been scheduled.

Once I complete fieldwork, do I automatically graduate?

No, you must complete an application for graduation (including payment of fee to cover diploma). Contact the graduate audit office at (734) 487-4203 if you have not received this application form.

How do I register for the NBCOT certification exam?

The application is on the NBCOT website at www.nbcot.org.

I need the university seal on a document. Who do I contact?

Contact EMU Office of Records and Registration.

Once I have NBCOT certification, am I automatically licensed in Michigan?

No. NBCOT's certification is national recognition. For state (Michigan) licensure contact:
Bureau of Health Professions
P.O. Box 30670
Lansing, MI 48909-8170
(517) 335-0918


Information about State Policy and Licensure in other states.

For licensure in another state, I need addresses & evaluation forms from my Level I and Level II placements. Can I get those from the fieldwork coordinator?

The Occupational Therapy Program does not save these materials beyond three years. Save all of your fieldwork information: syllabi, sites, and supervisor names. You may later need it for obtaining licensure.

I have graduated but I can't take the certification exam yet. How do I sign documentation?

In order to practice as an occupational therapist in Michigan, you must be licensed. You cannot use the titles of OT, OTL, OTRL, OTS, MOTS, occupational therapist (or any similar titles) until you are licensed. There are no titles designated for a person who has graduated from an occupational therapy education program but has not yet received their license.

Where can I start searching for a job?

Try the new American Occupational Therapy Association job link at www.otjoblink.org

The Occupational Therapy Program is part of the School of Health Sciences, 313 Everett L. Marshall Building, 734.487.4096