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Level II

Level II Overview

The second level of fieldwork is a supervised, on-going experience in which the emphasis is on the application of the academically acquired body of knowledge. Students are supervised by a licensed or registered occupational therapist with a minimum of one year of practice experience. "The goal of Level II fieldwork is to develop competent, entry-level, generalist occupational therapists. Level II fieldwork must be integral to the program's curriculum design and must include an in-depth experience in delivering occupational therapy services to clients, focusing on the application of purposeful and meaningful occupation and research, administration, and management of occupational therapy services. It is recommended that the student be exposed to a variety of clients across the life span and to a variety of settings" (ACOTE, 2011, p. 34). A minimum of 24 weeks of full-time fieldwork is required. At EMU, students complete two 12 week experiences, which typically include 12 weeks in a community setting and 12 weeks in a clinical/medical model. The Academic Fieldwork Coordinator strives to place students in their areas of interest while balancing AOTA's recommendation to provide students with a variety of learning experiences.

Level II Fieldwork may require relocation for at least one of your experiences. Relocation means that you may be placed at an agency that is more than 100 miles from your residence. Every attempt is made to accommodate student living arrangements, however availability and need may dictate the Level II selections.

Every student must have at least one fieldwork experience that has as its focus the psychological and social factors that influence engagement in occupation (standard C.1.7, ACOTE, 2011, p. 33). Therefore, any student who has not had a Level I fieldwork experience that fulfills this standard will be placed at a Level II agency with a primary psychosocial focus. This may require relocation as describe above.

Level II Fieldwork Handbook

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