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IPE Strategic Directions

2016 - 2019


Acquire necessary funding and systems to achieve the IPE mission and vision

  • Ensure sustainable funding stream
  • Create and implement a communication plan tailored to various constituents to report IPE activities and detail success
  • Create and implement an electronic IPE Passport System to track student participation in IPE activities

Faculty Development

Create a network of IPE trained educators by establishing needed systems to support IPE faculty development

  • Create an IPE faculty Mentor Program to provide collegial support and encouragement
  • Incentivize faculty participation in IPE
  • Provide professional development opportunities for instructors

Curriculum Development

Deliver integrated interprofessional knowledge, skills and attitudes that inform and empower students with strong foundations for collaborative practice

  • Expand opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge and skills in IPE via collaborative practice in simulated and real-world practice settings
  • Align programs curricula to include IPE objectives and corresponding learning activities to meet accreditation standards

Student Engagement

Empower students with a strong foundation in collaborative practice

  • Incentivize student participation in IPE activities
  • Create and implement a communication plan tailored to various constituents to report IPE activities and detail success

Dissemination and Evaluation

Establish an ongoing, systematic process for evaluation IPE

  • Review and evaluate student IPE activities and internal processes

Support dissemination of IPE research/learning activities

  • Promote IPE faculty and student-led research


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