IPE Faculty Mentor Program


  • Build collaborative professional relationships that are encouraging and supportive
  • Support the development and sustainability of IPE within CHHS
  • Expand the number of programs participating in the IPE initiative

Why Get Involved?


  • Work together to establish meaningful and realistic goals
  • Support IPE initiatives by sharing knowledge and skills
  • Support the professional and scholarly development of faculty colleagues
  • Refine mentor and coaching skills
  • Provide a valuable service to the College


  • Expand professional network within CHHS
  • Set short- and long-term IPE goals and action plans
  • With assistance from your mentor, plan and implement at least one IPE initiative during the academic year (Fall, Winter, Summer)
  • Become an IPE champion in your school/program

How Can I Get Involved?

  • We are not currently taking mentors or mentees but please check back in fall of 2023 for updates.


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