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Faculty Mentor Program


  • Build collaborative professional relationships that are encouraging and supportive
  • Support the development and sustainability of IPE within CHHS
  • Expand the number of programs participating in the IPE initiative


Why Get Involved?


  • Work together to establish meaningful and realistic goals
  • Support IPE initiatives by sharing knowledge and skills
  • Support the professional and scholarly development of faculty colleagues
  • Refine mentor and coaching skills
  • Provide a valuable service to the College


  • Expand professional network within CHHS
  • Set short- and long-term IPE goals and action plans
  • With assistance from your mentor, plan and implement at least one IPE initiative during the academic year (Fall, Winter, Summer)
  • Become an IPE Champion in your School/Program


How Can I Get Involved?

Contact Dan Burns (dburns@emich.edu) to volunteer to become an IPE Mentor.

Contact Chris Karshin (ckarshin@emich.edu) if you would like to work with an IPE Mentor.  


2016 Mentor and Mentees (Listed Left to Right) 

Mentors and Mentees of 2016

Caroline Peltz

Jake Lindquist

Wendy Beattie

John Sonnega

Renuka "Ray" Roche

Linda Myler

Kathy Seurynck

Vicki Washington

Jillian Graves

Cassy Barragan

San Mazzone

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