IPE Profile

Linda Myler 

Brief professional description

I have been an assistant professor in the School of Nursing at EMU for the past three years.  Prior to this I worked at the University of Michigan in both practice and academic roles for twenty-five years. My teaching experience includes instruction at all levels of nursing from associate degree nursing to students at the graduate level.

My passion to teach inspired me to obtain a graduate certificate of teaching in healthcare systems, a certification as a nurse educator and a certification in simulation. Currently I co-direct the nursing simulation center and am involved in the planning, scheduling and coordination of students in simulation for medical-surgical, OB and pediatric courses.

How and why did you get involved?

Interprofessional education has always been a part of my role as a nurse.  I have seen the positive outcomes for patients, staff and students associated with effectively working with other disciplines. When the call went out for faculty interested in IPE, I jumped at the chance to be a part of the initiative at EMU.  The chance to help build a culture here is very exciting.

What do you believe are the benefits?

IPE is a way to connect with others to achieve great things.  I can speak firsthand on the enormous effects I have seen both personally and with others just since it’s beginning at EMU.  The relationships I have formed with some really wonderful individuals in other disciplines are invaluable. IPE helps you to think beyond your own profession.

What has been the most memorable experience or highlight of teaching IPE so far?

This is easy to answer because it was one of my best days in teaching since I arrived at EMU.  We were at the St. Joseph Mercy Simulation Center and had just completed the first IPE simulation pilot involving 6 disciplines.  I had worried about the coordination of the event with so many students, faculty and staff after 8 months of planning.  However, my worries were all dispelled when I watched students from all the disciplines interact and really talk to each other.  In the debriefing session, which followed the simulation, the excitement was contagious and everyone walked away wanting more. It was then I realized that no matter what the barriers, IPE initiatives need to be expanded. 

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