Improving Clinical Lab Sciences one piece of equipment at a time.

The Clinical Lab Science Program at Eastern Michigan University, a NAACLS accredited MLS program, provides an excellent background for students considering a career as a medical laboratory scientist. The CLS Program also offers a path to further graduate medical studies or a cytogenetics degree. Graduates of the Medical Lab Science Concentration in particular have a competitive edge in today’s job market. “Most graduates find employment in hospital laboratories while others work at pharmaceutical or research labs. Nationally and locally we are facing a shortage of medical lab scientists so the job market for a certified medical laboratory scientist is very good right now,” said associate professor and program director Dr. Lynne Shetron-Rama.

Teaching and preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals requires the latest equipment used in the field. Recently, the College of Health and Human Services was gifted a Biosafety Cabinet to the Clinical Lab Science Program valued at $15,000. The Biosafety Cabinet allows our students to work with contaminated materials first-hand in a safe learning environment.

As the field of healthcare changes, we require new technology and equipment to properly train and develop our students. This training gives our students real world experience and a significant competitive edge. Below we have provided a list of equipment and materials that the Clinical Lab Sciences program needs. These items will better support our program and prepare our students to be leaders in their field.

A flyer on Clinical Lab Sciences Equipment

The College of Health and Human Services is working to raise funds to improve the laboratory experience for our CLS students and we could use your help. Every donation, no matter how big or small, will go towards improving the laboratory experience. If you would like to donate to the Clinical Lab Science Development Fund then please visit our CLS Foundation page.

Equipment and materials donations are also welcome. If you would like to donate items on the list directly, please email our development director, Rae Anne Yuskowatz, at [email protected].