Immersion Into Health Literacy: Common Mistakes and Correct Practices: The 360-degree Difference

About the Program

A team of nursing faculty developed two unique simulation products to aid nursing educators across the State of Michigan in implementing alternative clinical experiences. These educational materials aim to prepare nursing students to deliver culturally sensitive care by increasing awareness of social determinants of health and health literacy. 

1. Evaluating patient/family/community level factors related to health equity and health literacy.
2. Developing effective communication strategies and nursing interventions that address low health literacy. 

Program Materials

Training Materials

The co-directors of the EMU School of Nursing Simulation Center have developed resources on the use and implementation of simulation for nursing educators. Nursing educators are encouraged to review the faculty training resources below:


An evaluation form of the training products is available for download [PDF]. Please complete the evaluation form and email to [email protected].

Funding Source

Funding and Support Provided by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Office of Nursing Safety and Workforce Planning.



To report technical or access issues with any of the program materials, or if you have questions related to the products, please contact us via email.

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