Marilyn Wedenoja

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Social Work

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  • Ph.D., University of Michigan, Social Work and Psychology, 1996
  • MSW, University of Michigan, Groups, Families, 1980
  • BA, University of Michigan, English, German, 1972


Dr. Wedenoja has always had an interest in international exchange and culture, having studied and worked in Germany and England for a total of seven years in her twenties. She worked in psychiatric clinics in Germany, which led to a lifelong interest in mental health services. In England she worked as a generalist social worker in London, working as part of a close-knit team. After returning to Michigan, her social work experience included supervising group homes for adolescents, inpatient psychiatric social work and out-patient therapy.

Since coming to EMU in 1992 as an assistant professor, Dr. Wedenoja has focused on teaching research, advanced mental health practice, and field – both at the undergraduate and graduate level. She served the school for a number of years as the MSW director, and prior to that supervised MSW admissions. For one year in 2000–2001 she served as the interim department head and helped to facilitate the move of the school to a new building. She has made numerous peer-reviewed national and international presentations. Her credentials include LMSW, Ph.D. and ACSW.

In building on her international interest, Dr. Wedenoja participated as a sponsoring faculty member of the Social Work program providing fieldwork and classes to our social work students who traveled to Brighton, England. This involved coordination with the University of Brighton and serving as a U.S. expert in our field of practice for the British students.


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  • SWRK 630 Action Research
  • SWRK 488 Field Experience I
  • SRWK 588 Field Professional Experience I
  • SWRK 652 Dynamics and Practice: Mental Illness Services