Thank you for your interest in EMU's Master of Social Work (MSW) Program.

We strongly recommend that you attend a School of Social Work information session held on campus before you apply. The information session will help you understand the application process, give you details on how to submit a strong application, and allow you to talk to faculty and students who are part of the program. See this flier for details. 

Admission criteria

  • Demonstrated commitment to the EMU School of Social Work mission statement.
  • Ability to write at a Graduate School level.
  • An overall undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher (note: this is higher than the minimum GPA required by the EMU Graduate School).
  • Completion of a Baccalaureate degree by the date of beginning the program.
  • Strong support letters of recommendation.

Application process and procedures

The priority deadline for applications to the MSW program is December 1 and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  It is to your benefit to submit your application and supporting materials as early as possible.  Applications will be accepted until the program is full

There are two steps to the application process.

1.  Apply to the School of Social Work through the the Social Work CAS application system and,

2.  Submit a brief application to the EMU graduate School. Both applications will require that you submit transcripts from all of the post-secondary schools you attended.

Social Work CAS Application

Social Work CAS

CAS is an online admissions software that allows you to apply to multiple social work programs. Once you have created an account, you will be prompted to choose a program. When you have added Eastern Michigan University to your list of applicant schools, click on the My application link at the top of the page. You will see four “buttons” that you will need to use to complete your application. 

  1. Personal Information: This includes contact information as well as demographic information.
  2. Academic Information: You will enter your transcript information in this section and send copies of official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions you attended. 
  3. Supporting Information: 
    • References:  you will identify and submit information for three professional references.  Your references will receive an email and instructions on how to complete a form and upload a supporting letter.   
    • Experience:  You will enter your history of paid and volunteer experience, including any internships,  practicums, or other experiences you believe are relevant.  
  4. Program Materials:  the personal statement required by email will be uploaded in this section.  This is in essay format, double-spaced, and 4 - 5 pages in length. The statement will be used as a reflection of your writing skills, your ability to reflect and learn from your experiences, and as a narrative of your background, interests, and goals. You must be the sole author of this statement, but others may provide proofreading assistance and feedback.

Address the following:

  • Why are you a “good fit” with the mission of EMU’s MSW program?
  • In our society there are many types of privilege. Identify and discuss ways in your life in which you have been in a position of privilege, and how it might affect your work as a social worker.
  • Discuss your reasons for why you selected your specific concentration (i.e., Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery, Family and Children's Services, or Health and Aging Services)?
  • What are your mission-related career interests and post-graduation plans?
  • Describe a situation where your attitudes about a particular stigmatized population (e.g., LGBT, people of color, persons in poverty, etc.) were challenged, and what you learned from that experience. In what ways are you ready to have your attitudes and social stereotypes be further challenged within an educational setting?
  • What attracts you to the MSW program at Eastern Michigan University? 

Graduate School Application

Apply to EMU

You will submit a graduate school application. Once you have submitted the short application, and requested official transcripts, you will be asked to submit an application fee. Use the waiver code given to you in the Program Section of the CAS application to waive this fee; you will also be given this code during the information sessions which we urge you to attend before you apply or contact for the code. 


The review process is time intensive. Because we do not want to rush the process arbitrarily or unfairly, we cannot guarantee a specific date for a decision on your application. You will be notified by email with the results of your application as well as providing you with information about next steps if you gain acceptance into the program. A follow up letter will be mailed.

For questions, contact the MSW Program at or 734.487.6892.

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