Halle Social Justice Application Information

Application Process and Scholarship Requirements

Applications are currently being accepted for our scholarship program for Winter and Summer 2019.

  • Application Deadline: November 26, 2018
  • Fellowships Announced: December 10, 2018

Note: this scholarship could impact your financial aid. Reach out to the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Undergraduate students who will be enrolled in 488 or 489 in Winter 2019; or Graduate students who will be enrolled in 595 or 696 in Winter 2019
  • Good academic standing as defined by your program (including grades and student conduct)

Application Process

  • Complete the Diane and Bruce Halle Social Justice Scholarship Student Application Form [PDF].
  • Complete a 500-word essay that identifies the following: applicant’s commitment to social justice including specific examples that demonstrate this commitment; applicant’s career and academic goals including how being a Halle Social Justice Scholar would support these goals; and applicant’s financial need.
  • Submit two professional letters of recommendation that focus on the applicant’s integrity, commitment to the profession, and dedication to advancing social justice.
  • Email all completed application requirements to [email protected] with your name listed in the subject line

Scholarship Requirements

  • Scholarship recipients will identify a faculty mentor after being awarded a scholarship.  The faculty mentor will typically be the recipient’s field seminar Instructor and will support them as they complete their scholarship requirements.
  • Devise a legacy project that will positively impact the field agency and the community they serve. Legacy projects will require 15 hours of service beyond the recipient’s required Field course hours and must be centered on promoting social justice. This work must be completed by the end of Winter 2019 OR Summer 2019.
  • Provide a service letter from the agency supervisor confirming completion of 15 service hours
  • Complete a two-page description of the community centered service activity and how it promoted social justice
  • Dissemination of project at The EMU Undergraduate Research Symposium, Day of Social Justice, Advocacy and activism day or alumni event and agency or community event: The quality and completeness of the information provided will serve as an integral part of the selection process. 

Only completed applications will be considered.