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Marcia "Marti" Bombyk


Bombyk 333 Marshall




Ph.D.  Social Work & Psychology (Community) - University of Michigan
MSW  Social Treatment - University of Michigan
BA Psychology University of Michigan
LMSW Certification

Professional Summary

Areas of Interest:

Community Organizing
International Social Work
Women's Issues
Children and Families
Social Justice and Social Change

Grant Awards:

2006 - 2010: $6.8 million, US Department of Education. Co-author and Social Work Director, Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program (GEAR UP). Russ Olwell Director.  Awarded to an interdisciplinary team of EMU faculty and staff to support 1,000 low income youth in three school districts to enter college.  Worked with them initially as seventh graders to follow them through to high school graduation.  Led a unit of BSW & MSW student interns placed within partnership schools to support the social components of educational achievement, cultivated community-in-kind contributions to ensure continued renewal of the grant.

2009: $2,000. Co-author with Teresa Gillotti, City of Ypsilanti Urban Collaborator, Michigan State Extension Services, Ypsilanti Neighborhood Development. Project to develop a federation of neighborhood organizations in Ypsilanti for the purpose of social and community development.   

2001 - 2003: $2.3 million, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC). Recipient along with 11 other EMU faculty members of funding which, with combined matching gifts and cash from EMU and City of Ypsilanti, totaled $2.3 million for three years.    As one of six project initiatives, directed the Community Building Initiative, which received $77,315f or three years, and generated $98,203 from the community's in-kind contributions. Grand Total =$175,518.

2004: $6,000, Ann Arbor Area Foundation. Leadership Training Institute  for the Resident Council of the Ypsilanti Housing Commission. 

1989 - 1994: $1.47 million, Author and Director, Fordham University Homeless Project, New York City Department of Alcohol, Mental Health, and Mental Retardation. Directed the Fordham University Homeless Project at the Park Avenue Armory Homeless Shelter for Women in New York City.  All aspects of program management and staff supervision for a project women over the age of 40 temporarily housed at the Park Avenue Shelter.  

International Social Work Projects:

2002: Faculty, Service Learning in Morelia, Mexico. School of Social Work, Eastern Michigan University

1991 - 1994: Founder and President, Dobro, Inc. NY, NY. Nonprofit to facilitate the development of social services in countries and satellites of the former Soviet Union

1992 - 1994: Founding Member, National Advisory Board, Association of American and Russian Women, NY, NY

1993: Consultant, Soros Foundation and the Russian Federation Committee Conference on Higher Education, Moscow

1991: Leader and Organizer. Delegation of USA Social Workers to USSR

1991: Speaker Tour Organizer. "Social Change and the USSR." Dr. Sergei Popov and Dr. Andre Mrost. New York City, Washington, DC and Boston, MA

1990: Delegate. US-USSR Women's Peace Exchange. Moscow, Kiev, and Leningrad

1990: Member Planned Social Change Institute. Citizens' Initiatives Conference of the Goodwill Game and University of Washington School of Social Work. Seattle, WA

Social Work Practice Experience:

2011-2013  Field Instructor, Keys to Degrees, Eastern Michigan University.

2002-Present  Neighborhood Organizer for City of Ypsilanti.

2006 - 2010: Field Instructor, Social Work Intern Unit GEAR UP Project

2002 - 2004: Community Organizing, Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC). Project Director of Community Building Initiative, Center of Community Building and Civic Engagement, Institute for the Study of Children, Families, and Communities, EMU.

2003: Grant Consultant, Mott Community College, Flint, MI

1996: Grant Developer, S.O.S. Crisis Center, Ypsilanti, MI

1991: Organization Consultant, Women in Need Inc., New York City, with Dr Rosalyn Chernesky

1989 - 1994: Project Director, Fordham University Homeless Project, New York City

1989: Trainer, Team Leadership and Conflict Management, New York State Long Term Care Facility Surveyors, Office of Health Systems Management, NYS Department of Health, with Dr. James McCormack, Principal Trainer

1987 - 1989: Licensure Exam Preparation Coach (Social Policy Area) for the New York State Certified Social Workers' License, Robert Chazin Associates

1984 - 1986: Research Consultant, Feminist Practice Project, National Committee on Women's Issues, National Association of Social Workers

1985: Staff Trainer, Catholic Community Services of New Jersey, Newark, NJ. "Introduction to Human Services."

1980 Group Leader, "Women and Power," Women's Crisis Center, Ann Arbor, MI

Past Professional Service:

2003-2006: Member, Board of Directors, Safehouse Center (domestic violence and sexual assault).  Washtenaw County, MI. Programs and Services Committee, Bylaws Committee, Personnel Committee, and Public Relations and Marketing Committee.       

2003-2004: Member, Task Force on Poverty, Human Services Community Collaborative, Washtenaw County Government, Washtenaw County, MI.

2000-01: Member, Board of Directors, Sons & Daughters of the Incarcerated (SADOI), Ypsilanti, MI. Joyce Dixson, Executive Director. In addition to duties as member of the Board of Directors, developed a curriculum for group work for children age 6-12 with incarcerated parents.

2000: Member, Thirteen Myths Internet Collective, Boston, MA.  Prepared with numerous others an internationally circulated internet flier on the myths surrounding the 2000 USA Presidential Election's voter disenfranchisement.

2000:  Grant Developer, Ypsilanti Housing Commission.  Explored viability of pursuing a HOPE VI grant from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development to rebuild a public housing project in need of major structural improvements. 

1995-96: Founder and Organizer, Coalition Against the Contract "On" America (CACOA), Ann Arbor, MI.   In conjunction with a national social movement, organized and led a campus-community coalition based at the University of Michigan to oppose the 104th Republican Congress's regressive ten-point policy initiative.  Worked with Frances Fox Piven and the National Association of Social Workers' Committee of 100 Women to display CACOA's 60ft. x 5 ft banner bearing the signatures of 50,000 Michigan citizens in front of the White House at a national rally of Democratic Congressional leaders and social justice organizations.

1994-96: Founder and Organizer, Michigan Anti-Poverty Coalition, Ann Arbor MI.  Developed a campus-community coalition of representatives of social welfare providers and recipient groups in Washtenaw County, Michigan to advocate against and work for the defeat of the Personal Responsibility Act, a welfare reform initiative sponsored by the 104th Congress and to also address welfare reforms occurring in the state of Michigan under then-Governor John Engler. Organized a Teach-In at the University of Michigan School of Social Work.

1994: Teach-In Organizer and Convener, "The Politics of Welfare Reform: Not for the Poor Alone." Graduate School of Social Service, Fordham University, New York City. June. Project of small group of committed New York City social workers to educate, organize, and mobilize the human service community in NYC to oppose regressive welfare reform policies being proposed at the federal level. Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward, keynote address.

1993-97: Representative, Jobs for All National Coalition for Full-Employment Policy, NY, NY.

1993-94: Delegate, Professional Network for Social Responsibility, NY, NY.

1989-1993: Member, Corresponding Committee, Council on Social Work Education.

1985-1993: Founding Chairperson, The Bertha Capen Reynolds Society.

1984-86: Chair, Board of Directors, Geri-Pare, Inc. Brooklyn, NY. Developed the first board of directors for non-profit organization devoted to concretely assisting elderly persons in living independently.  Also worked on grant development, strategic planning.

1988-1991: Commissioner, Commission on the Role and Status of Women, Council on Social Work Education.

1988-1990: Representative of Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service to the New York City Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

1984-85: Member, Planning Committee, Bertha Capen Reynolds Centennial Program, NY, NY.

1983: Media Evaluator, Media Network, NY, NY.

1975-81: President, Vice-President, and Steward, Graduate Employees Organization, AFT/MFT Local 3550, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.      

1970-72: Big Sister, Chippewa Indian Reservation, Chippewa Big Brother and Sister Program at Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI.

Academic Appointments:

1996-Present: Professor. Eastern Michigan University School of Social Work

2003-Present: Coordinator. Graduate Certificate in Community Building

2001-2003: Director. Civic Engagement Initiative, Community Outreach Partnership Center

1996-2000: Director. Graduate Program, EMU School of Social Work

1994-1995: Visiting Associate Professor. University of Michigan School of Social Work and Department of Women's Studies

1983-1996: Assistant/Associate Professor. Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service

1987-1990: Adjunct Assistant Professor. Smith College, School for Social Work

Honors, Recognitions, Special Awards:

2012   Dale Rice Award for Faculty Innovation, Academic Service Learning, Eastern Michigan University  

2009 - 2010 Chair, Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Faculty Awards Committee, Eastern Michigan University

2006 Woman of Distinction, Girl Scouts of Huron Valley

2004 Community Service Recognition, Community Health Partners Collaboration

2000 Instructional Technology Fellow, Eastern Michigan University

2000 Academic Service Learning Fellow, Eastern Michigan University

1985 Leading Dissertation of the Year (National), Ohio State University School of Social Work

1981 Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Michigan

1981 - 1982 Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Michigan

1978 - 1979 Child Welfare Services Traineeship

1975 - 1976 Institute of Mental Health Traineeship

1974 - 1975 Rackham Graduate Grant, University of Michigan

1971 Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society

Representative Courses Taught

SWRK 222: Social Welfare Policies and Services
SWRK 350: Generalist Practice with Organizations and Communities
SWRK 502: Social Work Profession, Policies, and Services
SWRK 507: Groups, Organization, and Communities
SWRK 477: Advocacy for Social Justice
SWRK 590: Advocacy for Social Justice
SWRK 660: Community Building

Selected Presentations and/or Publications

Refereed Journal Articles:

Bombyk, M., Ohren, J., & Shue, L. (2003).  University employees who live locally: Bridging the town-gown divide. Metropolitan Universities, 14(4), 22-28.

Smith, H.Y. & Bombyk, M. (1999).  African-American community management:  A comprehensive quality leadership approach.  Journal of Progressive Human Services, 10(1), 5-31.

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Sarri, R.C., Baik, Y, & Bombyk, M. (1998).  Goal displacement and dependency in South Korean-United States intercountry adoption. Children and Youth Services Review, 20(1/2), 87-114.

Sturges, P., Chernesky, R.  & Bombyk, M.  (1989). Social work education and the older woman student.  Women and Aging, 1(4), 119-131.

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Gottlieb, N. & Bombyk, M. (1987). Strategies for strengthening feminist research. Affilia: A Journal of Women and Social Work, 2(2), 23-35.

Bombyk, M. &  Chernesky, R. (1985).  Conventional cutback leadership and the quality of the workplace: Is Beta better?  Administration in Social Work, 9(3), 47-56.

Reinharz, S., Bombyk, M., & Wright, J.  (1983). Methodological issues in feminist research:  A bibliography of literature in women's studies, sociology, and psychology. Women's Studies International Forum, 6(4), 437-454.

Chapters and Reports:

Bombyk, M. (2005).  The Community Building Initiative.  Final report to the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Community Outreach Partnership Center. Institute for the Study of Children Families and Communities, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI.

Bombyk, M. (1997). Organizing against the violence of poverty.  In D. Van Soest, The global crisis of violence: Common problems, universal causes, shared solution. NASW Press: Washington, DC.  pp. 106.

Bombyk, M.  (1997). Training for social work research.  In S. Ramon (Ed.), Innovation and continuity in social work education, Moscow: Open Society Foundation.

Bombyk, M. and Sarri, R. (1996). Youth in the urban village: A report on the Detroit youth summit.  Manuscript. Ann Arbor, MI: Institute for Social Research.

Bombyk, M. (1995). Progressive social work. In R. L. Edwards (Ed.), Encyclopedia of social work (19th ed.) (pp. 1933- 1942). Washington, DC: NASW. 

Chernesky, R. & Bombyk, M.  (1994). Women's ways of managing. In J. E. Tropman, J. Erlich, and J. Rothman (Eds.), Tactics and techniques of community practice (5th ed.) (pp. 232-239), Itasca, IL: Peacock Press. 

Bombyk, M.  (1986). Social parenting: An exploratory study for the prevention of family difficulties.  National symposium on doctoral research and social work practice (pp. 14-23), Columbus, OH: Ohio State University.

Bombyk, M. (1981) Setting the stage for placements in women's studies. In E. Rubin and J. Fisher (Eds.), The national women's studies service learning handbook, National Women's Studies Association, University of Maryland, 81-92.

Book Review Essays and Book Reviews:

Bombyk, M. (2000).  Book Review of Finding Time.  Journal of Progressive Human Services.

Bombyk, M. (1996).  Navigating the nineties: Book review of Beyond the Politics of Place.  Journal of Progressive Human Services, 7(1), 86--88.

Bombyk, M. (1995).  Book review of Feminism and the Politics of Difference.  Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare,190-192.

Bombyk, M. (1995).  A vision with a task: Book review of Streets of Hope. City Limits, 27-28.

Bombyk, M. (1994).  Book review of Beyond Rhetoric and Children in Poverty.   Social Work, 39(1), 140.

Bombyk, M. (1988).  Book review of Regulating Women: Social Welfare Policy from Colonial Times to the   Present.   Affilia: A Journal of Women and Social Work, 3 (4), 83-86.

Bombyk, M. (1988).  Book review of The Woman Client   by D. Burden and N. Gottlieb (Eds.). Disability Studies Quarterly, 19-20.   

Bombyk, M. (1985).  On being a good social worker:  A book review essay of Serving the People: Social Services and Social Change by Ann Withorn. Catalyst, 17/18.

Past Editorial Positions:

2005  Guest Reviewer, Special Issue on Youth Participation and Community Change (Barry Checkoway and Lorraine Gutierrez, Guest Editors), Journal of Community Practice.

1995-2004 Editorial Board, Journal of Poverty.

1993 Guest Reviewer, Policy Studies Review.

1989-92 Founding Co-Editor, Journal of Progressive Human Services,Vol. 1-4, with Mimi Abramovitz.

1985-88 Editorial Board,Catalyst: A Socialist Journal of the Social Services.

1985-86 Editorial Consultant, Qualitative Sociology.

1985-86 Editor , BCR Reports, Newsletter of the Bertha Capen Reynolds Society.

1978-82 Editorial Consultant, Michigan Occasional Papers in Women's Studies, University of Michigan.

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