If you do not find the answers you are looking for, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to email the Children's Institute at [email protected].

  • Where is the Children's Institute located?

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    The Children's Institute is currently located in the Fletcher Building. The building is located at 1055 Cornell St., Ypsilanti, MI, 48197. We are located at the corner of Cornell and Ainsley Streets, across from the Cornell Courts Apartment complex.
  • Is the Children's Institute open all year?

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    Yes, the center is open year round and coincides with the University schedule. You will receive a closure schedule when registering. You may also find the schedule here. For unscheduled closures (e.g weather related), announcements will be carried on the EMU website, the EMU Newsline (734.487.2460), the EMU switchboard (734.487.1849), WEMU (89.1 FM), WJR (760 AM), WAAM (1600 AM), and other radio and television stations.
  • Which days of the year are included in tuition charges?

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    • Day before Thanksgiving
    • Thanksgiving day
    • Day after Thanksgiving
    • Professional Development Day in January
    • Spring Recess
    • Memorial Day
    • EMU Declared Holiday (July 3, 2023)
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
  • Which days of the year are not included in tuition charges?

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    The Children's Institute is typically closed when Eastern Michigan University is closed between semesters. For exact days, view the Children's Institute calendar.
  • What other services do you have to help families at the EMU Children’s Institute?

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    The EMU Children’s Institute offers a number of services to help families.  These include an in house psychology clinic staffed by a therapist from EMU. The in house psychology services provides one- on- one or family counseling in a private setting  at the Children’s Institute  for  the low cost of $10.00 a visit.  

    The EMU Children’s Institute also have a “Little Free Food Pantry”. Our goal is to provide families with food and basic care items to sustain their child after school and over the weekend. No child should grow up hungry. Working together, we can provide children with the meals they need today to help them thrive. Donations can be dropped off at the front Business Office or left on the table near the pantry.

  • How do I enroll my child at the Children's Institute?

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    Children are enrolled at the Children’s Institute on a semester basis throughout the year. The admission procedure, as space allows, is as follows:

    You may contact the Children’s Institute for an Enrollment Application Form or download the enrollment application form [PDF]. It must be submitted with a $20.00 application fee. We are not able to process the application until the application fee is received. A $30.00 registration fee will be due once the child is placed. Families not enrolling for fall semester will be assessed these fees upon initial registration.

    No-shows: If a child does not attend during the original semester requested, the application and registration fee will be charged again upon re-enrollment.

  • What are my chances of enrolling my child?

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    It is impossible for us to tell you in advance "what your chances are". It depends on the number of currently enrolled children who continue into the next semester, therefore dictating how many openings we have for new children. The number of new children we enroll also depends on the types of schedules requested (part or full time) and space available in specific classrooms. Please note that the application you turn in will only be good for the semester in which it is submitted. You must submit a new form each semester.
  • Who is elegible to attend the Children's Institute?

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    Children of EMU students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community can attend the Children's Institute. We enroll children ages 18 months to 6 years. If a child is not 18 months old until after the semester starts, a parent has several options: wait until the next semester to apply; if space is available, pay to save the space, although your child will not be able to attend until they are 18 months old; or wait until your child turns 18 months old before applying and we will let you know if space is available at that time.
  • What forms will be due once my child is enrolled at the Children's Institute?

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    The following forms need to be completed and returned before the child's first day. A confirmation package will be sent to your house prior to your child's first day and will contain the following paperwork:

    • Child's background information profile
    • Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) forms
    • Class schedule card (EMU students only)
    • Emergency card/child information record
    • Green health form (signed by a physician)
    • Immunization form/immunization waiver
    • Handbook/Notification of Licensing notebook requirement
    • Sunscreen/Insect repellent/Toothpaste authorization
  • What time(s) does the Children's Institute open and close?

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    The Children's Institute opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. Upon arrival and departure the parent/guardian must sign their child in and out as a safety measure for the child. Anyone who is picking up a child and is unfamiliar to a staff member MUST show identification before the child can be released. Anyone who does not provide identification will be turned away (this includes parents who are unfamiliar to us).
  • Is there designated parking for drop-off and pick-up?

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    For your convenience, drop-off/pick-up parking areas for families have been designated in our lot. The area observes a 15-minute "standing time" limit and vehicles using these spaces must display an EMU Children's Institute parking permit. The Department of Public Safety will strictly enforce the 15 minute "standing time" limit. Abuse of the the 15-minute limit will result in a parking ticket from the Department of Public Safety. Families wishing to use these drop-off/pick-up areas must complete the permit section of your child's application at the Business Office.

    We do expect parents to place children in a car seat in the back seat of their car and to buckle them in before they leave. Please DO NOT leave children of any age unattended in the car. Also, do not allow your children to enter or exit the Children's Institute building alone.


  • What is the staff-to-child ratio at the Children's Institute?

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    Starting 9/6/19

    • Toddler Program (18 mo.-2 1/2 yr.)* 1:4 Ratio
    • Young Preschool Program (2 1/2 yr-3 yr.)* 1:6 Ratio
    • Preschool Program (3 and 4 yr. olds) * 1:8-10 Ratio

    * on or before Sep. 1

  • What about meals?

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    The Children's Institute provides a morning breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Our center participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). The main purpose of the CACFP is to help children receive nutritious food and well-balanced meals. Breakfast, lunch and snack must meet meal pattern requirements. You are not charged a fee for the breakfast, lunch or snack served to your child while enrolled in our care.
  • What will my child need for nap time?

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    The Toddler program naps from 1–3:30 p.m.

    Nap or rest time in the Early Preschool and Preschool programs varies between classrooms. For exact times and details, please consult the classroom teacher.

    The Children's Institute provides both the sheet and blanket for napping or resting.  Sheets are washed weekly and the blankets are washed monthly.  A small pillow and one stuffed animal per child may be bought from home.  Please label these items with your child's name or initials.

  • Is there a dress code?

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    No. However, clothing should be the type that can be managed easily by young, inexperienced fingers. It is also important that the child wear clothing that launders easily due to many activities at the Children's Institute. Please dress your child appropriately (i.e. boots, gloves, hats, scarves, etc.) Weather permitting, the children will go out to the playground daily. Also, please mark all clothing with the child's first name and last initial.
  • Can my child bring toys from home?

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    The Children's Institute is fully equipped with age-appropriate toys and materials, and the teachers strive to create a sense of community in each room by sharing and caring for the Institute's materials.

    Because of the number of children at the Children's Institute, we cannot be responsible for any item from home that is misplaced or broken. We also do not permit war toys or toys that encourage violent/angry solutions to problems.

    We therefore ask that no playthings be brought to the Children's Institute from home.

  • What else do I need to bring for my child to the Children's Institute?

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    Please bring two changes of underwear and a complete change of clothes (including socks) for your child's clothing bin. We will ask you to replace them as your child uses them at the Children's Institute. Please be sure to change the clothes in the bin as the season changes.

  • Will I need to bring diapers and wipes from home?

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    No. The Children's Institute provides both diapers and wipes for your child. Diapering time is scheduled into the day; please refer to the Daily Schedule posted in your child's classroom for these times. We will make every effort to support your child's attempts of toilet learning when your child is ready.
  • What is your policy for illness and communicable disease?

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    We are in a closed environment where contagious illnesses can be easily transmitted. Children who are ill should not come to the Institute. Any child with a fever of 100 degrees or more, discharge or thick mucus from the nose, mouth or eyes, undiagnosed rash, vomiting, or diarrhea may not attend. The child must be symptom-free (without of the use of over-the-counter medication) or have been on prescribed medication for 24 hours prior to returning to the Institute. All children who are well enough to come to school are considered to be well enough to participate in all activities, including vigorous play indoors and out.