Student Teacher & Employee Resources

Student Conduct Code 

EMU Student Conduct Code and Judicial Structure information can be found on the EMU Policy and Procedure website.

Preschool Observation Information

All observations require the Request For Observation Form and the Criminal Background Check. If you only need to observe children, you do not need to fill out the Parent Permission form. If you need to asses or interact with a child or children, all three forms must be filled out. Return forms to the Children's Institute office. You may submit the forms in person, via email or fax them to 734.487.0286. You can download the observation forms [PDF].

Student Employment

The Children's Institute utilizes EMU students as student staff. Our student staff work alongside our professional teaching staff and assist with the care and education of the children in our program. Student staff are responsible for the care of the children in the absence of the professional teaching staff.

Student staff are hired on a semester basis. Students are required to submit a new schedule of availability [PDF] for each semester on or before the required due date. If a student employee submits a schedule change after the due date, they will not be guaranteed hours. The Children's Institute reserves the right to not ask a student to return for additional semesters.

All student staff are required to go through a complete background screening. This involves names and phone numbers of personal references, a signed Confidentiality Statement, permission to obtain a criminal background clearance, and permission to obtain a child abuse and neglect clearance.

Send applications and paperwork to Alistair Halton at [email protected]

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