Eastern Michigan University

Center Staff

  • COORDINATOR: Dar Mayweather
  • GRADUATE INTERN:  Jordan Clark
  • OFFICE MANAGER:  Courtney Morris
  • STUDENT PROGRAMMER: Arayla Caldwell 
  • STUDENT PROGRAMMER:  Nakayla Clark

                                                Who Are We and Why EMYou Should Get Involved....


My name is Dar Mayweather and I have a Masters is Higher Education Emphasis in Student Leadership and Bachelor in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, all obtained at Grand Valley State University. It is an honor and a pleasure to be the Coordinator for the Center for Multicultural Affairs. I started my career in Student Affairs at Illinois State University in Residence Life. I continued my career in Residence Education at the University of Michigan, where I honed my skills in Multicultural Education. I believe the Center for Multicultural Affairs should play a critical role in corralling the EMU community around social issues to create social change. Social change is more about the journey and not the destination; we have a great opportunity to engage people who are interested in becoming more socially aware citizens through social and educational programs, events, lectures, workshops, and fun activities. I'm a firm believer in challenging and supporting our students to pursue  their passions. Through exploration, exposure, and awareness students  can become leaders who can recognize and appreciate our growing global  economy.




My name is Ebony Walls and I am a first year Graduate student.  As a TruEMU alum I obtained a Bachelors in Social Work (BSW) and a national certification in Non-Profit Leadership through the Non-Profit Leadership Alliance (NLA).  I'm currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration, with a specialization in Non-Profit Management and French.  I chose to pursue a career with the Center for Multicultural Affairs because of my passions for service and to inspire all to achieve beyond mediocrity!  As an aspiring global change agent I believe it's imperative to value, appreciate, and be willing to continuously expand our knowledge of all cultures.  I believe EMYou should get involve because of the many signature events the CMA host such as our annual National Heritage Months and Hustle Your Heart Out; gain professional development, meet new friends ect.  EMU is filled with rich diversity with students from all across the globe representing over 87 countries. As the Graduate Assistant I feel it is my duty to not only share my riches with our students, but also reveal to them their own.




Hello. My name is Courtney Morris. I am a senior studying Health Administration and Social Work. I choose to work for CMA because being a part of this team allows me to get in touch with different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. I genuinely have a passion for working with people with different cultures other than myself. EMU should get involved with CMA because connecting people with different lifestyles & traditions should be the norm for our campus community. Our primary focus is to introduce all cultures and recognize everyone. One Love!


My name is Arayla and my major is Marketing. I am a Junior here at Eastern. I joined CMA because I was interested in being a student programmer. I wanted to be a student programmer because I would possibly like to enter into Event Marketing. This position will help me attain a set of skills that will be valuable in that field. I've also been to various events held by the CMA office and enjoyed them.Why EMYou should get involved is because of LBC, volunteering looks good on your resume, to have the leader in you embraced and enhanced, Mingle/Network for free or get paid. (Compared to joining a student org and paying dues). You can become educated on various topics and cultures. There is food and giveaways and there is a chance you might get to interact with me and I'm awesome.


Hey, my name is Gilda Hall (the G sounds like an H) and this is my second year at Eastern. I am a senior, majoring in Biology with a Pre-Med program and a double minor in Chemistry and Apparel Textiles and Merchandising. The reason I chose to join the CMA, The Center for Multicultural Affairs, is to bring cultural awareness to underrepresented minority groups on campus and to highlight their attributes. EMU is a diverse school and together as a community with the CMA we can be united in our differences, learn from each other and grow stronger as a community. The CMA is here for you.


Hello! My name is Kali Stanton and I'm a senior here at Eastern Michigan University. I'm a sociology major with a concentration on family, health, and aging as well as a concentration on the public and private sector. EMYou should get involved with the Center for Multicultural Affairs because it is a great way to explore your own culture as well as others.


My name is Nakayla Clark and I am currently a Junior. My major is Therapeutic Recreation with a Minor in Spanish Language. I chose to work for the Center for Multicultural Affairs because I wanted to not only educate myself on the different cultures on campus but to educate other students as well. I don't think the students at EMU understand that Eastern is one of the most diverse colleges in Michigan! I think EMYou should get involved because understanding and appreciating others for their cultural backgrounds and differences that they might have can open your mind to a new world!! No one person is the same so why not use our resources and services to gain knowledge and new friendships?




The Center for Multicultural Affairs is part of Diversity & Community Involvement