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Center Staff

  • INTERIM COORDINATOR: Gregory O. Thomas, M.A.
  • GRADUATE ASSISTANT:  Amber Morseau 
  • OFFICE MANAGER: Connstance Chege
  • STUDENT PROGRAMMER:  Alexander Nuttle
  • STUDENT  PROGRAMMER:  Kangkana Koli

                                                Who Are We and Why EMYou Should Get Involved....



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My name is Amber Morseau and I have a Bachelors in Psychology and Anthropology and pursuing my Masters in Higher Education/Student Affairs. I chose to work for the CMA because I want to provide students with the opportunity and resources to educate others about their different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We attend many classes here at Eastern and see many faces, it’s time that we all explore who is really out there and broaden our knowledge of who and what a culture is. I think EMYou should challenge yourself to explore the many different cultures that call Eastern Michigan their home. We are all bonded by our quest for knowledge, let’s expand that by learning about different cultures together! An interesting fact about myself is I have two Dogs, Ellie and Henry, who love long walks, playing in the lake at the cabin, and keep me busy in my down time with their big personalities




​My name is Connstance Chege, I’m a senior majoring in Media Studies/Journalism and Communication. I chose to work with the CMA because I wanted to be apart of the very important and good work being done in DCI. I believe everyone has a part to play; the beliefs we hold impact the choices we make which influences not only our lives but those of the people around us. Learning to see the world from the perspectives of people different than ourselves allows us to to grow as individuals, expand our society,and create a better world for us all. EMYou should get involved because that’s what being a part of a university is all about, we are many but we are here with one goal- to learn and grow! Meet new people, try new things, and get out of your comfort zone; you won’t regret it! Something interesting about me is my love for ​foreign films and art. From Bollywood music to Nollywood films I enjoy exploring, and learning about cultures through film, music,and food!




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The Center for Multicultural Affairs is part of Diversity & Community Involvement