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Applications are available for pick up in the CMA Office in the Student Center Room 358

To apply, please contact the Center for Multicultural Affairs at 734.487.2277 or cma.dci@emich.edu

2016–2017 Center for Multicultural Affairs Student Staff Positions

The EMU Center for Multicultural Affairs is searching for new employees to join our office and work with our campus wide events, student org outreach and campus wide cultural education. The student staff will work with the Center for Multicultural Affairs Coordinator and Graduate Assistant to increase awareness, action, and support for underrepresented students on EMU's campus.

All CMA staff members are expected to:

  • Create a safe and inclusive environment within the Center for Multicultural Affairs and DCI department, and role model these types of environments campus and community-wide
  • Act as a resource and referral person for students seeking assistance academically and/or personally
  • Represent the CMA and DCI in a professional manner at all times on the campus and in the community
  • Attend all CMA weekly staff meetings
  • Attend all CMA events, as needed
  • Support other team members within the CMA and DCI
  • Engage with cultural identity student orgs when planning cultural events.


The CMA is seeking Office and Communications Manager:

Office and Communications Manager

- Staffing the CMA

o Create system to check and maintain CMA list-serv, email, and voicemail
o Recruit and coordinate volunteers for events, tabling, trainings, etc.
o Organize office information and resource materials
o Update schedule as needed, assist student programmers with management of office schedule and event schedule.
o Assist Student Programmers with ideas and implementation of programs during the school year.

- Marketing and Public Relations

o Create process for CMA staff to distribute brochures, flyers, and other materials to the campus
o Assist Coordinator and Graduate Assistant in creating promotional materials and message for CMA constituents
o Contact media sources regarding major events
o Assist in the management of CMA Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media
o Assist in the composition and distribute the monthly CMA Newsletter

- Other

o Manage LBC credit

o Manage CMA library system, donations, and wish-lists

o Increasing CMA foot traffic

o Other duties as assigned


The CMA is seeking student programmers. All student programmers will be responsible for the

following elements of program development, coordination and assessment:

- Assist in the development and overall coordination of CMA programming related to specific

heritage month or hot cultural topics in popular society

- Develop learning outcomes, goals and objectives for each event or program

- Partner with a student organization when planning programs in association to ethnic and

social identities

- Book rooms, catering, speakers, etc. for assigned events and programs

- Manage the planning and execution of assigned events and programs

- Responsible for transporting all marketing, decorating and promotional materials for CMA

to CMA Events

- Distribute and compile program evaluations for CMA Leadership

- Coordinate with Office Manager volunteers and staff recruitment and responsibilities

- Responsible for soliciting local & corporate donors for the annual Hustle Your Heart Out Fundraiser

Cultural Programs

Programs of Responsibility

- Lively Lunches (Monthly)

- Happily Naturally Me Expo

- Hijab Week

- Collaborative Events (monthly; may align with other Centers initiatives)

- Diversity Training (2x per semester)

- Hot Culture Topics (2x per semester)

- Multicultural Graduation Celebration (1x semester)

- Cesar Chavez Luncheon

- Hustle Your Heart Out Fundraiser

- CMA Lounge (weekly)

Cultural Heritage Months

- September: Latino Heritage Month

- November: Native American Heritage Month

- January: MLK Luncheon and events

- February: Black History Month

- March: Muslim American Heritage Month

- April: Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month


1. Enrolled in at least 6 credit hours each term

2. Must be in good academic and judicial standing with the University

3. Must work well with others and large team dynamic

4. Possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and the desire to develop additional

skills in areas such as facilitation, training, and outreach

5. A strong interest in Diversity, Social Justice, Multiculturalism, Identity Development,

Intergroup Dialogue, Social Work, Student Affairs, Human Services, and/or related fields

Center for Multicultural Affairs staff work approximately 10-15 hours per week. Compensation

begins at $8.15 per hour 


The Center for Multicultural Affairs is part of Diversity & Community Involvement