Elena SV Flys

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Assistant Professor

Theatre Arts



Dr. SV Flys is an Assistant Professor in Arts & Entertainment Management (Arts Administration) at EMU. She grew up in Madrid, Spain. She has two bachelor degrees, one in Theatre and the other in Advertising & Public Relations. She has a great deal of professional experience as an arts manager in nonprofit ([email protected] Teatro) and for profit art organizations (Vistapalabra S.L). In 2010 she started combining her professional life with her doctoral studies in Audience Reception and Accessibility, earning 4 Master Degrees and a Ph.D. Her dissertation was evaluated with the highest rating Cum Laude and candidate for special honors, and it was also highlighted as some of the most relevant research in developing new theatrical codes for accessibility in the “Guide to Theatre Accessibility” of the Ministry of Social Services, Health and Equality of Spain (2013). Today she continues her work as a teacher and a researcher following her belief that the arts are crucial for the development of healthy and vibrant communities. Her research focuses on accessibility, audience reception, social integration and community building. She is interested in the questions of how we reach new audiences, how we make the arts accessible for all, and how this further accessibility might encourage social integration. Her belief is that social issues, such as embracing diversity or dealing with economic and environmental crises can be addressed through the arts, fostering community development. Her most recent publication “ADA and Communication Accessibility in Theatre” was published in CultureWork this past May of 2018.