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(World Premiere musical staged reading)     TICKETS  GO ON SALE
Music by R. MacKenzie Lewis                           December 2, 2013
Book & Lyrics by David Wells
Directed by R. MacKenzie Lewis

"When their world is built on the rational, you don't want to be the one to prove the irrational.  Unfortunately, that's what I did." Hippasus, Act I.

Irrational is a true ancient Greek mathematician love-and-death musical. Pythagoras was a gangsta. With his cult of fervent followers, he built a sect on the premise that divinity is found in the harmony of ratios -- the rational.  When one of their own, Hippasus, discovers irrational numbers, he blows a hole in the Pythagoreans' world and crosses the wrong philosopher/mathematician. 

Irrational will be performed in the Quirk Theatre on January 24 & 25 at 7pm and January 26 at 2pm. Recommended for audiences ages 13+.