Eastern Michigan University
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Head Full of Snakes: Exploring Medusa is an interpretive performance spectacle,  mostly comprised of original works, that includes a Sinatra-style song, Greek-style chorus, an intense and poignant monologue, interpretive dance, and good old-fashioned schtick. This wide range of literature and performance styles comes together to explore the idea of Medusa; is she seducer or victim, evil or innocent, beauty or monster?

Adapted and directed by Amy Johnson, Head Full of Snakes: Exploring Medusa touches on themes of identity, power, betrayal, gender, beauty, and truth. Ultimately posing the question, “How is myth created and how does interpretation of that myth impact our reality?”

Head Full of Snakes: Exploring Medusa
is an innovative, outside-the-box performance that will play the Sponberg Theatre on November 13 & 14 at 7pm and November 15 at 2pm. (Second Stage series) Recommended for mature audiences.