Badie Farah

Badie Farah

Professor of Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems

455 Owen


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  • Ph.D. Ohio State University

Professional Summary

Dr. Farah's research on data communications, information systems development, e-commerce and computer assisted manufacturing has been published in the Journals of Computer Information Systems, Education for information, information and management, intelligent and robotic systems, education for information and education for business. Dr. Farah authored two text books and coauthored a third. His books were published by Prentice-Hall, Simon and Schuster and Ginn Press. He also authored chapters in several books.

Courses Taught

  • IS 215 End-User Computing
  • IS 425 Software Engineering Management
  • IS 442 Information Resource Management
  • IS 449 Information Systems Development and Implementation Projects
  • IS 502 Business Information Systems
  • IS 605 Managing Information Technology
  • IS 616 Management Information Systems Resources
  • IS 625 Information Systems Project Management
  • IS 696 Systems Development Projects
  • IS 697 One Credit Independent Study
  • IS 699 Three Credit Independent Study

Dr. Farah teaches courses in project management, information technology management, and information systems integration

Selected Publications

Farah, B. N. (2007). Information Systems Students' Attitude Toward Ethical Behavior. The International Journal of the Humanities, 4, 11.

Farah, B. N. (2007). Outsourcing Information Systems and Project Management. Proceedings of the Pan-Pacific Conference XXIV, New Zealand, June 2-4, 2007, 3.

Farah, B. N. (2006). Managing Global Development of Information Systems- A User Perspective. Pan-Pacific Conference XXIII in Busan, South Korea, May 29-31, 2006, 3.

Farah, B. N. (2005). Structuring and Managing Global Information Systems Development. Pan-Pacific Conference XXII in Shanghai, China May 25-27, 2005.Pages 313-315, 3.

Farah, B. N. & Potter, E. H. (in press, 2003). India and Business Education: A model for curricular cooperation in response to new opportunities. Business Education and Emerging Market Economies Conference, November 7, 2003, Atlanta, Georgia.