Sanjib Chowdhury

Sanjib Chowdhury

Professor of Management and Director, Center for Entrepreneurship


458 Owen



  • Ph.D. University of North Texas
  • MBA University of Montana

Professional Summary

Dr. Chowdhury's scholarly papers have been published in several high level scholarly journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Business Research, Human Resource Management, etc. He has presented in several academic and professional conferences. In addition, he serves in the editorial board of several entrepreneurship journals. Dr. Chowdhury also serves as a consultant for a variety of small and mid-sized businesses.

Courses Taught

  • MGMT 388 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 490 Business Policy
  • DS 602 Business Research Methods
  • MGMT 610 Diagnostic and Quantitative Methods in Organizations
  • MGMT 614 Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • MGMT 696 Strategic Management
  • MGMT 603 Corporate Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Tech. Commercialization

Research Interests & Projects

Dr. Chowdhury's research focuses on topics in organizational theory, strategy and entrepreneurship.

Selected Publications

Chowdhury, S. & Schulz, E. (Forthcoming). The levels of base pay and incentive pay used by small firms to compensate professional employees with general and specific human capital. Journal of Small Business Management.

Chowdhury, S.; Schulz, E. & Milner, M. (2014). Core employee based human capital and revenue productivity in small firms: An empirical investigation. Journal of Business Research. 67(11): 2473-2479.

Schulz, E.; Chowdhury, S. & Van de Voort, D. (2013). Firm productivity moderated link between human capital and compensation: The significance of task-specific human capital. Human Resource Management. 52(3): 423 – 439.

Chowdhury, S. (2011) The Moderating Effects of Customer Driven Complexity on the Structure and Growth Relationship in Young Firms. Journal of Business Venturing. 26(3): 306 – 320.

Chowdhury, S. & Endres, M. L. (2010). The Impact of Client Variability in Nursing on Occupational Strain and Injury: The Cross-Level Moderating Effect of Safety Climate. Academy of Management Journal. 53: 182-198.

Endres, M. L., Chowdhury, S., & Milner, M. (2009). Ambiguity tolerance and accurate assessment of self-efficacy in a complex decision task. Journal of Management & Organization, 15 (1): 31 - 46.

Professional Affiliations

  • Academy of Management