Sandra Defebaugh

Sandra Defebaugh

Professor of Law


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  • J.D. Michigan State University Detroit College of Law
  • BA Michigan State University

Professional Summary

Professor Defebaugh teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Legal Environment of Law, Employment Law, and International Law. Professor Defebaugh has published in such journals as American Corporate Counsel Association and Corporate Counsel's Quarterly, and has presented papers at the annual meeting of ACCA and to the State Bar of Michigan. She taught corporate law courses for the MASCO Corporation MBA program. Prior to joining Eastern Michigan University she was employed by K-Mart Corporation.

Courses Taught

  • IB 370 International Business Ethics
  • LAW 293 Legal Environment of Business
  • LAW 350 International Business Law
  • LAW 393 Law of Business Enterprises
  • LAW 403 Employment Law
  • LAW 411 Sports Law
  • LAW 425 E-Commerce Law
  • LAW 430 Ethics Legal Compliance
  • LAW 511 Sports Law
  • LAW 525 E-Commerce Law
  • LAW 535 Ethics Legal Compliance
  • LAW 540 Employment Law
  • LAW 550 International Business Law
  • LAW 595 Seminar in Business Law
  • LAW 615 Law for Financial Professionals

Research Interests & Projects

Professor Defebaugh's research interests included ethical and professional behavior related to business, and employment law.

Selected Publications

Defebaugh, S.J. (2014). What Does Substantive Compliance With Employment Law Really Look Like? Labor and Employment Lawnotes for the State Bar of Michigan, 24(2), 3.

Tanguay, D.M., Defebaugh, S.; Waltman, J. (2011). An Ethics Program Assessment: A Case Study Using Kotter's Transformational Change Model. Ethics and Critical Thinking Journal, 2011 (2), 13-14.

Defebaugh, S.J. Waltman, J. L. (2008). The Business Professional Dynamic Model, A Model for Being Naturally Professional and Ethical. Ethics and Critical Thinking Journal, 2008 (Issue 3).

Waltman, J. L. Defebaugh, S. J. (2007). Developing and Implementing an Ethos Program in a College of Business. Ethics and Critical Thinking Journal, 2007.

Defebaugh, S. J. Hastings, H. (2001). The Successful Corporate Counsel. Corporate Counsel's Quarterly, 17 (4), 64-69.