Course Scheduling

Select your undergraduate class standing (Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors) from the navigation selections above or buttons below to see the recommended course schedule for each semester.

Finance courses are scheduled and timed to ensure students can meet all prerequisites and graduate within 4-years.

200 level business courses are designed to be taken your sophomore year, 300 level business courses should be taken your junior year and 400 level courses should be taken your junior and senior year.

Students who are attending part-time need to adjust their schedule appropriately, including summer enrollment, but the sequence and order for finance courses should be adhered to.

The non-finance course placement is a recommendation.  Students should feel free to adjust these as appropriate.  Consideration was given in the recommended schedule to ensure finance courses are spread apart for students to have an acceptable course load and to allow for primary courses to be completed prior to students seeking employment.

Students wishing to work in the financial analyst industry should plan on interviewing for analyst positions during Fall of their senior year.  Finance courses have been scheduled to ensure the students are enrolled in the capstone course during Fall of the senior year to assist with the financial analyst interview process.

This schedule is a guide to students and the student is responsible for ensuring all prerequisite requirements and graduation requirements are met by verifying with their advisor and performing a degree audit.

General Education courses shall be selected from the university approved list of courses.