FMA - EMU Chapter Trips

2019 FMA Leaders Conference

New York, NY

Currently, we are planning to attend the FMA Leaders conference March 7 - 8 at Baruch College in New York.  Attendence is limited so please speak to a club officer or the faculty advisor for information.

2018 FMA Leaders Conference

Chicago, IL

Ten of our chapter members attended the FMA Leaders Conference, March 8 - 9, at the Hotel Allegro in Chicago, IL.  Our students participated in tours fo the Chicago Board of Exchange, the Federal Reserve and Morningstar while interacting with students from FMA chapters around the world.

2017 Quinnipiac G.A.M.E Forum

New York, NY

Ten of our chapter members participated in the G.A.M.E. Forum, sponsored by Quinnicpiac University, in New York City, on March 31 - April 1.  Students participated in panel discussions and workshops on important topics in the financial industry.  

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