FMA EMU Chapter Application

The FMA EMU Chapter is a student-run organization, which provides a forum for the exchange of financial-related information, career networking opportunities and social activities.   The FMA is open to all majors.  Priority to attend trips is given to students from any major who actively volunteer and attend meetings.  Second priority attend trips is then given to students majoring in finance. 


At our scheduled meetings students will hear from guest speakers, work on chapter activities, participate in resume building, take part in mock interviews, and other activities arranged for the chapter.  Refreshments will be served during most meetings.  As a member of the FMA chapter, you will be expected to RSVP to meetings, events and speakers through EagleSync at least 24 hours prior to the event.  Dress is business casual for all speakers.

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Dues are $70 for one academic year ($35 to FMA and $35 to EMU chapter) or $55 for one semester ($35 to FMA and $20 to EMU chapter).  Two year memberships are available at a slightly reduced rate for the FMA dues.  FMA memberships are for 1-year based on the date of your FMA payment.  EMU chapter annual memberships are available only during fall semester for $35.  EMU local chapter single semester dues are reduced to $20, but FMA dues remain at the annual rate of $35.  Dues are non-refundable.  When you graduate remember to enroll for your free one-year FMA membership for new graduates.

 To pay for membership - read carefully.  Do not pay FMA your local dues:

  1. Pay $35 FMA directly for your membership:
  2. E-mail your receipt for your FMA dues to [email protected]
  3. Pay $35 for your local dues (reduce local dues to $20 for one semester)
    1. Through GooglePay, remit $35 to [email protected]
    2. $35 check payable to the Finance Club at EMU can be submitted to a club officer in Room 107B or Dr. Craig in Room 421 (acceptable to slide under her door)
    3. $35 in cash payable in Room 107B or to Dr. Craig directly in Room 424.  
    4. Watch your e-mail for an EagleSync invitation and sign up for all meeting notices through EagleSync. 

We need to have your application form submitted online, an e-mail of your FMA payment receipt and your $35 local dues (or $20 for one semester) before you are a member.

National Honors Society

FMA National Honors Society membership is available and is determined by the faculty advisor at the end of each semester.  Students are required to have an overall GPA of 3.5 and a major GPA of 3.5.  Minimum credits in major also apply.  If you feel you should be an National Honors Society member, please contact Dr. Craig directly.  FMA National Honors Society members have the option of wearing an honors sash during graduation.


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