Alumni Spotlight: Dawn Oliver

A headshot photo of Dawn Oliver

Dawn Oliver

I currently lead the development and execution of Ford/B&O PLAY and Lincoln/Revel global marketing efforts and product development programs for Harman International. In my role I have had the opportunity to launch the Global Partnership between Ford and Harman and work with Ford Marketing Leads on individual vehicle launches.

I looked at Emerson College in Boston, Michigan State, and Eastern Michigan. Comparing the programs, Eastern worked a lot better with my schedule and the selection of classes were a lot more in depth and a lot better than some of the other programs. Where Michigan States’ program only focused on advertising, EMU’s program focused on everything within the marketing communications field, including sales, PR, traditional advertising, and event promotion. The IMC program literally covered the entire everything that I actually do in my current job

I think the best thing about the classes being online is that you can do certain things when it is convenient for you. My classes did not interfere with my job and I able to manage those late nights in the office and make sure all of my assignments were complete and on time.

I just love the IMC program. I’ve recommended it coworkers and a few of my mentees who are interested in getting their master’s degree.

I do not have anything bad to say about my experience at EMU. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in pursuing their master’s degree in marketing. It is the top choice.