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Flying Like an Eagle

Chris Robosky MSIS ’17 masters the ability to ‘shift gears effectively’ to help patients and their families

Chris Robosky

Things break.

Sometimes a simple solution may cause even more problems.

Just ask Chris Robosky MSIS ’17.

At EMU, Robosky learned the importance of taking a wider view in asking critical questions in problem solving.

“We often get so focused on a task we sometimes forget to look at other areas,” said Robosky, who earned a BS in Computer Science at Park University and a MS in Health/Health Care Administration at LSU. “Something as simple as a minor patch can wreak havoc on an array of systems. Being able to shift gears quickly and effectively is critical to reducing patient risk. If we change out an X-ray machine, have we considered maintenance? Is it part of the contract?” 

As part of a medical community, Robosky applies lessons from his EMU degree every day to help reduce patient safety risks and improve care. Everything from when patients book an appointment to receiving medications after their visit is carefully studied, tracked, monitored and customized to ensure the best care and service possible for patients and their families. 

Chris Robosky

“The most important thing to remember in healthcare is to be flexible and available,” Robosky said. “EMU absolutely enhanced that ability for me.”

Robosky credits his EMU degree with “looking outside the stovepipe” and helping him to better understand second and third ordering impacts on a decision.

“Being rated as one the best business schools year after year speaks to EMU’s focus on education and preparation for the next generation of business professionals,” he said. “EMU has a very realistic environment to learn and study. Everything from planning use-case diagrams to coding websites and implementing project management is applicable. The quality of EMU’s MSIS program is clear and recognized throughout the business and IT communities.”

Robosky highly recommends EMU to prospective students.

“Small class sizes at EMU allow for improved comprehension,” he said. “Every class I attended at EMU, the professor knew the name of every student and used it regularly during discussions. Whether it’s the availability from the professors, or advisers, everyone at EMU is in it to help students succeed. It is comforting knowing everyone is on your side and pushing you toward success and achieving your goals. 

“I have attended many universities, both in-person and online, and none, absolutely none, are as focused as EMU when it comes to getting you where you want to be and helping you to succeed.”

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