Featured Graduates


Jimin Park,’15 MSIS

Since I was young I always wanted to study abroad. I used to imagine myself traveling around different countries, studying and experiencing a variety of cultures.” After taking Suneung (the Korean college entrance exam), Jimin Park was introduced to the Keimyung University-Eastern Michigan University Dual Degree program. “Luckily I was accepted into the program, and I started my journey in Ypsilanti in December 2010. Read more about Jimin Park.


 Christopher Robosky, '17 MSIS

As part of a medical community, Robosky applies lessons from his EMU degree every day to help reduce patient safety risks and improve care. Everything from when patients book an appointment to receiving medications after their visit is carefully studied, tracked, monitored and customized to ensure the best care and service possible for patients and their families. Read more about Chris Robosky.


Nitish Kulkarni, '15 MSIS

When I arrived at EMU, it was confusing! I had no clue what was going on! With help of the staff in the graduate programs office, I was able to get going. The first semester was challenging and it was difficult to adjust to the culture. I had a goal of finishing as quickly as possible as I had 60 credits to complete [Nitish came to EMU as a Bridge student, having earned a three-year bachelor's degree rather than four]. My second semester was better. Read more about Nitish Kulkarni