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Ronald D. Flowers

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership

John W. Porter Bldg, Suite 304


[email protected]


  • Ed.D., Educational Leadership, Eastern Michigan University
  • M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Washington
  • Master's program in Athletic Administration, The Ohio State University
Ronald D. Flowers, Ed.D.

Professional Summary

Dr. Flowers, in addition to his teaching responsibilities in the Department of Leadership and Counseling, is the Director of the Educational Leadership Internship Program. Before becoming a member of the faculty at Eastern Michigan University, Dr. Flowers spent over 20 years as a college football coach, athletic director, and university administrator. His recent work has included authoring Institutional Hypocrisy: Sports on America's College Campuses, Physical Education and Athletics in America's Schools, and Win one for the Gipper: The Organizational Foundations of Intercollegiate Athletics. In addition to his work on intercollegiate athletics, he has written on the history of K-12 education including John D. Pierce and the Beginnings of the One Best System, Closing Small Rural Schools, and The Michigan State Normal School: An Institutional and Historical Analysis, (VDM Publishing). His research focuses on the use of history and organizational/institutional theory to analyze issues related to P-16 education.  Most recently, he has examined the transition experience of transfer student-athletes and is currently working on a study of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's relationship to higher education's academic mission.

Interests and Expertise

  • Educational Organizations and Leadership Studies
  • Organizational Sociology
  • Politics of Education
  • History of Education
  • Sports in Education
  • Qualitative and Historical Research Methods

Selected Publications

Gragg, D. and Flowers, R. (In Press). Factors that Positively Affect Academic Performance of African American Football Student Athletes. The Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education.

Flowers, R, Luzynski, C., and Zamani-Gallaher, E. (In Press). Male Transfer Student Athletes and Schlossberg's Transition Theory. The Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education.

Flowers, R. (2011). Win One for the Gipper. In Robin Hughes, James W. Satterfield, and Kerry S. Kearney (Ed.) ASHE Reader on the Study of Sports and Athletes in Higher Education. Association for the Study of Higher Education, Boston, MA.

McWilliams, M., Flowers, R., Browing, A., Harmon, N., Harmon, J., Miranda, M. (2011). Aligning the Study of Intercollegiate Athletics within Higher Education Scholarship and Policy: Student Athlete Experiences. NCAA Indianapolis, IN: NCAA White Papers on Research and Intercollegiate Athletics.

Flowers, R. (2008). The Michigan State Normal School: An Institutional and Historical Analysis. Saarbrucken: VDM Publishing.

Selected Presentations

Flowers, R., Luzynski, C., and Zamani - Gallaher, E. (April 28, 2013). American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, CA, Applying Schlossberg's Transition Theory to Transfer Student Athletes.

Flowers, R., Luzynski, C., and Zamani - Gallaher, E. (April 19, 2013). Community Colleges in the 21st Century, Council for the Study of Community Colleges, San Francisco, CA, Transfers and Transition in Intercollegiate Athletics.

Flowers, R. (April 2010). American Educational Research Association, Denver, Co, Lost Boys.


  • EDLD 514 Organization and Administration of K-12 Education
  • EDLD 590 Special Topics: Intercollegiate Athletics and Higher Education
  • EDLD 613 Introduction to Higher Education
  • EDLD 622 Organization and Administration of Higher Education
  • EDLD 633 History of Higher Education
  • EDLD 681 Qualitative Research Methods
  • EDLD 687 Internship in Educational Leadership (K12 and Higher Education General Admin)
  • EDLD 710 Educational Leadership and Change Process
  • EDLD 712 Analysis of Research in Administration
  • EDLD 820 Politics of Educational Leadership
  • EDLD 895 Dissertation Research Seminar


  • The Role of Sports and Athletics in Education
  • The Sociology of Education
  • The Politics and History of Education
  • Organizational Theory and the study of Educational Organizations

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

  • American Educational Research Association
  • Association for the Study of Higher Education
  • Organization of Educational Historians
  • Politics of Education Association
  • Research Focus on Education and Sport

Licensures and Certifications

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