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About Teacher Education

In the Department of Teacher Education we are proud of being teachers. We believe teachers have the power and responsibility to make the world a better place. It is our goal to prepare teachers who will make a difference in the lives of their students, in their schools, and in their communities. The department provides graduate and undergraduate courses in:

  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Children & Families
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Studies (PhD)
  • Educational Psychology
  • Learning Technology & Design
  • Reading
  • Social Foundations of Education
  • Vision

    The Department of Teacher Education has created a vision of the type of department we want to exist now and into the future. The vision statements reflect our shared thoughts and goals as we work together to prepare students for teaching in the next century.

    EMU Teacher Education programs...

    ...provide bridges between research/theory and practice.

    Faculty in Teacher Education are actively engaged in a variety of activities in local schools. Thus, they are able to bring together in their teaching the best practices from P-12 classrooms and current research and scholarship. Faculty pursue multiple scholarly activities and share those activities with students. Teacher education classes focus on the implications of important ideas from research, theory, and democratic principles on educational practice. Students carry out their own inquiry and action research projects to broaden knowledge of teaching and learning.

    ...draw on partnerships with communities businesses, and schools.

    Programs in Teacher Education maintain close ties with schools and community agencies through a variety of partnerships. These partnerships foster an active exchange of ideas, ensuring that real-life uses of knowledge are emphasized in schools. As students and faculty work in partnership with these groups, both the agencies and the EMU programs are renewed.

    EMU Teacher Education faculty model best practices in teaching and learning.

    Classes in the Department of Teacher Education model research-based practice and reflective thinking. Faculty work with students to create challenging learning communities that demand the best efforts of all involved. Faculty model the appropriate use of technology for the benefit of their students.

    ...foster the ability to create intellectually challenging student-centered learning environments.

    Graduates of EMU Teacher Education programs are able to establish environments in which students address important ideas, think critically, and solve problems. Such classrooms are responsive to the experiences, needs, and thoughts of students, while addressing key concepts and skills. EMU students use evolving technologies to further the aims of student-centered classes.

    ...prepare students to teach diverse learners.

    Students from EMU's Teacher Education programs are prepared to teach students with a range of needs. These include differences in gender, culture, race, class, economic level, learning style, patterns of ability and handicapping conditions. Students are prepared to address diverse needs within a classroom that recognizes and builds on the strengths in both individuality and community.

    ...have high, clear expectations and foster deep understanding.

    Students in Teacher Education programs are expected to think critically about content, solve problems, and apply ideas from their courses in real-world situations. They are prepared to model and demonstrate the highest standards in their course assignments, communication skills (verbal and written), and professional conduct. They are prepared to use evolving technology with their students and to fulfill their professional responsibilities. Teacher Education faculty are clear and consistent in requiring such standards.

    ...develop a professional imperative to career-long learning and to contribute to positive change in schools.

    Graduates of EMU Teacher Education programs have pride in their profession and carry forth a sense of personal worth and commitment to provide the best education possible for every student they teach.

    ...model a caring environment.

    The Department of Teacher Education constantly strives to maintain a caring environment, respectful of individual needs while requiring high standards and individual responsibility. Students, faculty and staff are valued as individuals of infinite human worth, and support one another in a variety of important endeavors.