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Teacher Education Honors Program

The Honors Program for the Teacher Education Department is designed to provide students who are talented and highly motivated with an opportunity for creativity, self-direction, and enrichment. It offers these rewarding experiences through courses contracted for honors credit, independent studies, and opportunities to engage in educational research. The program also gives students the opportunity to participate in the many unique and rewarding offerings of the Eastern Michigan University’s Honor College.

  • Who is eligible?

    Students who have been admitted to the University Honors College may apply for Department Honors in Teacher Education if they:

    • Have been admitted into the Initial Teacher Preparation Program
    • Maintain a 3.3 Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Have a 3.3 cumulative GPA in professional education course work
  • What are the requirements?
    • Meet Honor’s College requirements:
      • Attend Undergraduate Research/Creative Project Workshop.
      • Complete the “Intent to Pursue Departmental Honors” form and submit to Honor’s College.
      • Attend Senior Thesis Workshop.
      • Complete and submit Senior Thesis.
    • Total of 12 Honors Credits as outlined:
      • One course taken for Honors credit either as Honors section or by contract from following list: EDPS 322H, SPGN 251H, CURR 304, EDPS 340, EDMT 330, RDNG 300, SFCE 328W (formerly SOFD 328W).
      • At least two additional courses 300 or 400 level courses with prefix of CURR, ECE, EDMT, EDPS, RDNG, SOFD for Honors Credit.
      • At least 2-credits of Independent Study (or UG Senior Thesis) under any of the Teacher Education Department prefixes to complete Senior Thesis.
    • Senior Thesis Project (At least 2- credits of Independent Study with Mentor Faculty):
      • The Honors senior thesis may deal with any approved topic or problem related to education. The project may take on the character of library research, fieldwork, development of curriculum materials, study of classroom strategies or any facet of education in which the student is interested. The students may do interdisciplinary work involving two or more areas within the College of Education.
      • When the thesis is completed, students will deliver both a written and oral presentation.
      • The thesis will be evaluated by the departmental honors faculty advisor.