Rebecca Louick

A photo of Rebecca Louick.

Assistant Professor

Special Education and Communication Sciences and Disorders

128 John W. Porter Building


[email protected]


  • Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction, Boston College
  • M.S.Ed., Special Education/Learning Disabilities, CUNY-Hunter
  • A.B., English and Sociology, Amherst College


Rebecca A. Louick, Ph.D., is proud to be joining the EMU faculty as an Assistant Professor of Special Education. For eight years, prior to her doctoral studies, she was a middle- and high-school teacher at schools for students with learning disabilities. At St. John's University in New York City, she taught courses on reading methods for students with special needs, assessment of students with special needs, special education research, and special education more generally. Her research focuses on literacy motivation among adolescents with learning disabilities.

Interests and Expertise

  • Learning disabilities
  • Academic motivation
  • Literacy

Publications and Presentations

Selected Publications

Selected Presentations

  • Louick, R., & Wang, M. (2021, April; proposal accepted). Classroom Discourse and
    Disability: Interactional Opportunities for Development of Self-Determination Beliefs.
    American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting.
  • Emery, A., & Louick, R. (2021, April; proposal accepted). Examining How Prominent
    Educational Psychology Journals Create and Resist Space for Understanding Disability.
    American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting.
  • Wang, M., & Louick, R. (2020, April 17-21). Positioning and Motivation: A Discourse
    Analysis of Classroom Interactions between Teacher and Students with Disabilities
    [Poster]. American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, CA. (Conference
  • Louick, R., &Daley, S. (October 4, 2019). Interpersonal Contributions to Literacy
    Motivation of Adolescents with Learning Disabilities. Poster presented at the annual
    meeting of the Council for Learning Disabilities, San Antonio, Texas.
  • Louick, R., & Daley, S. (October 12, 2018). Teachers' Approaches to Implementing
    Autonomy-Oriented Learning Environment for Struggling Readers. Poster presented at
    the annual meeting of the Council for Learning Disabilities, Portland, OR.