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Earn your Master's Degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders involves a range of neurological conditions that touch different areas of impairment, including language, learning, behavior and communication. They are also referred to as Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Students in the program will be able to help individuals:

  • Overcome delays in social and emotional development.
  • Develop vocabularies to communicate more efficiently.
  • Learn how to encourage individuals to engage in the classroom and in social environments.
  • Create a comprehensive knowledge, skills and attitudes to deliver a continuum of rehabilitative services to people with special needs and their families.

Program Requirements

The graduate student seeking a Master of Arts degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders through the EMU Department of Special Education must

  1. Successfully complete a minimum of 39 hours of approved graduate credit as outlined on an approved master’s degree program that has been planned with a program advisor.
  2. Successfully complete an approved master’s degree program that has been planned with a special education graduate adviser.
  3. Successfully complete a supervised practicum experience.
  4. Successfully complete the degree requirements within six years of enrolling for the first class applicable to the degree program.
  5. Meet all other requirements of the Graduate School.



Required Courses: 39 hours
Core Courses: 12 hours
  • SPGN 615 - Families, Disability, and Schools: Collaborating for Success (3)
  • SPGN 621 - Law and Public Policy for Individuals with Disabilities (3)
  • SPGN 632 - Models and Skills for Special and General Education Collaboration (2)
  • SPLI 678 - Assessment and Advanced Diagnostic Prescriptive Programming for Students with Learning Disabilities (4)
Methodology Courses: 6 hours
  • SPAI 645 - Curriculum and Instructional Strategies in ASD (3)
  • SPAI 650 - Visual Supports and Literacy in ASD (3)
Research Courses: 9 hours
  • SPAI 630 - Issues in Assessment and Interventions in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) (3)
  • SPAI 640 - Principles of Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) for Students with ASD in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) (3)
  • SPGN 699 - Independent Study (3)
Concentration Courses: 12 hours
  • SPAI 620 - Dimensions of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) (3)
  • SPAI 635 - Language and Communication in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) (3)
  • SPAI 660 - ASD and the Sensory Process (2)
  • SPGN 586 - Practicum in Special Education (4)
Program Total: 39 hours