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Master's Degree in Educational Leadership: Higher Education/Student Affairs

EMU’s Master of Arts in Educational Leadership for Student Affairs professionals prepares students for the unique challenges of leadership in student affairs and higher education. The program is designed for individuals who are seeking a practical learning experience rather than a formal concentration in theory and research.

Learn in a supportive environment

  • Learn from expert faculty who are engaged in teaching, research and service.
  • Take classes at convenient times during the day, evenings or weekends.

Advance in your career


Proposed Program of Study

The Student Affairs Master’s Degree consists of required courses (25 credit hours), and elective courses (13 credit hours) for a total of 38 credit hours.

Required Courses (25 hours)
  • EDLD 550: Introduction to Student Affairs in Higher Education (3)
  • EDLD 551: Contemporary College Students (3)
  • EDLD 613: Introduction to Higher Education (3) (Offered Online)
  • EDLD 622: Organization & Administration of Higher Education (3)
  • EDLD 631: Human Relations Skills for Educational Leaders (3)
  • EDLD 655: College Student Development Theory (3)
  • EDLD 687: Master's Internship in Educational Leadership (2)*

*EDLD 687 is taken twice.

Students will choose one of the following:
  • EDLD 638: Assessment & Program Evaluation in Higher Education (3)
  • EDPS 667: Principles of Educational Research (3)
  • EDPS 677: Methods in Quantitative Research (3)
Elective Courses (13 hours)

Student will take thirteen hours of elective courses selected in consultation with their graduate advisor. Those elective courses may or may not be among the following:

  • EDLD 509: Educational Leadership in a Pluralistic Society (3)
  • EDLD 552: Introduction to Academic Advising (3)
  • EDLD 611: Introduction to Adult and Continuing Education (3)
  • EDLD 614: Law for Higher Education (3)
  • EDLD 629: Leadership Perspective in Comparative International Education (3)
  • EDLD 633: History of American Higher Education (3)
  • EDLD 634: Higher Education Finance (3)
  • EDLD 635: Policy Analysis in Higher Education (3)
  • EDLD 636: Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues in Student Affairs (2)
Internship / Portfolio

Culminating activities include two internships, an exit interview and portfolio requirement that must be fulfilled before graduation. For more information, visit the Higher Education/Student Affairs program area website.