NOTE: New admittance to this program ends Fall 2021. Courses available for this program will be offered through Fall 2027. For information about the new elementary, Early Childhood Teaching and Learning program with certification, visit the catalog or schedule an appointment with an advisor.

The Elementary Education Integrated Science Minor, along with skills acquired through a major course of study, prepares you to teach Integrated Science in grades K-8.

What You Will Learn

You will learn general science components - biology, chemistry, earth science and physics - life science, weather and climate, and universal exploration along with methods for teaching sciences as appropriate for young children.


Successful completion of this minor, in the context of other program requirements, qualifies you for recommendation for endorsement in Integrated Science (DI). Certified teachers with the Integrated Science (DI) endorsement are able to teach in grades K-5 as well as grades 6-8 self-contained classrooms.

At a Glance

  • Average 24-25 credit hours depending on courses
  • Must be taken with a major course of study
  • On campus



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