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Pathways for Future Educators

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The Pathways for Future Educators Program is the collaborative partnership of area schools and Eastern Michigan University. Its purpose is to identify high-school and younger students who are interested in becoming educators and to support them on their path to a professional teaching position. The program provides broad support starting while they are still in high school, continues throughout all of their college career – from admission to graduation – and then beyond as they pursue their teaching career.

Students who qualify may receive a full-tuition scholarship to attend EMU. In addition they receive Pathways financial support to assist them in paying their expenses. Pathways participants are expected to maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher and be enrolled for 12 credits or more during fall and winter semesters.

The goal of Pathways is to encourage and nurture the interest and potential of young people in the teaching profession. This begins in the home district where EMU provides a menu of services to support school programs, staff, and students. Once admitted to EMU, Pathways students receive academic, personal, financial, and social support services to assist them in achieving their goals.

After graduation, the new Pathways teachers are guaranteed an interview in their home school or district for available teaching positions. Returning to live and work in their home community, the new teacher has a real understanding of the needs and the potential there. The intention of this pipeline for teacher preparation is to invest in children, families, and communities for the purpose of building strong schools.

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  • Future Students & Families

    The broad support that the Pathways for Future Educators Program offers allows students to receive guidance in a number of essential areas related to academic and career success. Students will be thoughtfully paired with an EMU faculty mentor in the College of Education who will assist in the areas of professionalism and academics.

    Monthly meetings are held so that students can receive information related to their field, in addition to having access to a social network of other Pathways students. Students may receive scholarships and related guidance as part of the programs financial support assistance. Full-time enrollment of no less than 12 credit hours and a 2.5 GPA must be maintained throughout the duration of the program.

    Class registration and academic advising are provided to ensure that students are on track with their program of study, as it pertains to graduation and their career path. Opportunities to engage with local school districts, including summer employment, are provided for students in order to strengthen professional networking and increase future job opportunities.

  • Counselors & Partner Schools

    Students in the program must maintain full-time enrollment of no less than 12 credit hours and a 2.5 GPA throughout the duration of the program.

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