The Early Childhood Lending Library

The Early Childhood Lending Library has been created to support pre-service teachers at EMU during their various field placements in Early Childhood and Elementary settings. The Library has a variety of materials including play and sensory items for infants and toddlers; literacy, math, science and motor materials for children ages preschool through 3rd grade; as well as materials for diversity and inclusion. We believe this Lending Library is an important resource for our EMU students which will allow them to use developmentally appropriate materials for their activity and lesson planning.

Directions on how to check stuff out

  • You are only permitted to check out 1 item at time. Unless approved by an ECE professor.
  • You are responsible for the condition of the item/material and shall return it in the same condition in which it was when I checked it out.
  • This item/material is to be used for Early Childhood Educational purposes only.
  • You must return this item/material within one week of check out.
  • There are further directions provided outside of the Lending Library