Social Foundations and Community Education

Social Foundations of Education (SOFD) is an interdisciplinary graduate program. A primary interest of Social Foundations of Education is to affirm the importance of social and ecological justice, democracy, and equity as these affect and are affected by the social, cultural, historical, and political contexts of schooling.

Students are introduced to a broad range of social theories and philosophies as they learn to analyze educational contexts and apply new interpretive frameworks to practice in a variety of settings inside and outside of schools.

Topical areas include the study of gender, race, and class in education, ethics and the philosophy of care, globalization and international contexts, militarization of schools, ecojustice education, and others.

The student and the adviser have maximum latitude to tailor a program consistent with the student's abilities, competencies, and aspirations. It is a program combining flexibility and depth, along with close mentoring relationships.